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duno why your talking about spec maps tho lol, would only see that in reflections etc. Not ideal. out of light itll lose its colour
That's why i said "closest." Reason being because light can change the color, but indeed will remove if there's no light hitting it.
1712 days ago
What harry said is pretty much what you need to know.

The closest effect that you can get to replicate the BO2 camo is to copy the color map and tweak it to a little different color and save it as a specular map. That way it will change color when light hits it.
1713 days ago
Mirrors edge would be interesting.

I'd probably say Uncharted or The Last of Us.
1716 days ago
Don't mean this personally, just had to lol...

1718 days ago
I also highly doubt BO3 mod tools will "just have all these features and assets" - more likely itll only contain whatever is in Shadow Of Evil - now - and no DLC like previously ( will not have say "PHD" for example because - there is no PHD in BO3, no machine, no bottle, no jingle, no script, no assets - at the moment. It may be in the previous games but not "this" game. And I highly doubt they are going to remake all these assets just "incase" we want them like we did in older versions of the game. They will expect us to do that ourselves )

^ also this +1
This too, i don't even think PhD will make a return in BO3 due to the fact that dive to prone is out of the game. Not sure how the explosion effect would work now that there is sliding, unless they are planning to only have no explosive damage, but believe that is a gobblegum now.

+1 to you as well.
1719 days ago
Well when you say "mapper" that to me sounds like just making detailed geometry, layout, clips and other things. No perks, guns, scripts, etc. So in my opinion that doesn't make you a lazy mapper because the UGX mod doesn't add any new sort of mapping tools. The things that the mod does add is guns, scripts, and perks.

So what i'm trying to say here is that i don't think that makes you a lazy mapper or bad mapper. Because that's stuff that mappers (level designers) don't typically do. That's just technically speaking...

In this community though which you are typically not working with teams, you have to handle everything. So i wouldn't blame or even really consider you to be lazy for adding a mod which further enhances the game. If your making a map you want it to be the best quality that it can be in right? So take into consideration if the mod would make your map better by having it in or without it.

It really just comes down to if the mod features what you want in the map. Also people just grow tired of it because they are tired of seeing it in so many maps.

I hope this was a clear explanation of my opinion on the topic.
1719 days ago
It's Black Ops styled, not the actual one, I'm sure you can do that yourself.
Just pointing it out in case that's what the OP was trying to replicate.
1737 days ago
looks nice but i believe the menu is aligned to the right of the screen. Looks like it's on the left?
1738 days ago
The new radiant looks smexy. :)
1738 days ago
Personally i think, IP board is the best, but it isn't free. So in that case i'd probably would go with mybb or just stick SMF.
1757 days ago
I dont really want to post this, since there's enough of these around the bo3 release allready but i really know shit about pc-parts and i would hate to spend my money on something not worth upgrading.. But i havent touched my xbox for a few months now, and with the mod-tools maybe comming to bo3 i'm ready to abandon my love for consoles.

This is what i'm currently running, and i dont really know any other details ( but if needed i'll see what i can find )

AMD FX-6300 six-core  3.50 GHz
GeForce 9600 GT

First of all, is that AMD any good? Then an upgrade for the GPU ( GTX 950 / 960 prob.. ), adding some RAM and upgrading the power-supply is what Harry suggested ( and also fits my current budget ). Would that be any good and worth the money, or should i look for a bigger upgrade?

I initially only bought this PC to do some work and browsing, and that's been over a year from now. It wasn't that expensive either, so that's why i'm not sure about this whole upgrade and some advice would be greatly appreciated! If any other specs are needed lemme know..
The CPU is alright, maybe consider upgrading to an FX-8350 or 8370 if needed.
4GB of RAM was good enough until recently games are needing 8GB of RAM, such as BO3 like you mentioned.
The biggest thing that you would need would be a GPU upgrade. Try to at least get the 960 with 4GB of VRAM. Just make sure your power supply can run it. :)
1786 days ago
Uh, if youre going to have a GPU then i strongly don't recommend any AMD A series cpu's. Those are made for people that don't want to invest in a GPU and the cpu is pretty weak anyway. I would at least recommend an FX-6300 or even better a 8350 if you decide to go with AMD.
1786 days ago
D2P is only possible when the player is crouched and moving at sprint speed, so unless the zombies whacked you down to your knees and then kicked you like a soccer ball I don't see this happening lol.
Fucking seriously? They're still missing?? Does your main menu say "Public Release v1.1" in the corner? Because I see them on my machine.

Also I have played this map for literally hundreds of hours and never encountered any issue of the PaP machine giving back the wrong weapon, nor do I see any possible way for the code to allow that...

That retriever bug doesn't really concern me, I like stuff like that personally.

And the tombstone bug isn't surprising, I'm sure there's more bugs to be found with that and Who's Who.
Oh i'm sorry i didn't notice the changelist was for 1.1. i have 1.0. so textures should be fixed then.

The only thing i can possibly think of that caused the crossbow to give me the elemental version was when i PaPed when the 5 second timer was going down for the easter egg, interestingly as well it didnt let me pick it up for a good 3 seconds too.  ???

1801 days ago
Fun map and here is some bugs that ive found from playing:

Hells retriever textures were still missing.
When i PaPed the crossbow it gave me the elemental version. ( could be a rare occurence ).
When downed near hells retriever i was able to pick up the hells retriever and use it.
Tombstone drop was forever spawned after failing to pick it up after downing on first attempt retrieving it.
1802 days ago
Well, when it comes down to cases its about airflow. If you want air to pass through the case then get a case that has holes or ventilation around the case. And add the fans to the necessary places to help blow the air through it.

So again, if you want fresh air going through your PC then get a case that's more open. Otherwise if you have a more closed case fans can do the job as long as it isn't warm air from the components within the case.
1834 days ago


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