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UGX News


UGX-Mods Website Update (v0.8.84-beta)

broken avatar :(
by Delta
5 days ago (February 17, 2024, 08:35:00 pm)
Views: 279
Comments: 1
Update time! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
Most noteworthy changes:
  • Attachments improvements
    • better embed display of attachments (gallery, video / audio web player)
    • allow drag & drop of files into the post area to add it
    • allow to change the order of attachments
    • better style
  • Improved post page, to highlight attachment and post settings better
  • New style of radio and checkboxes
  • Reworked share post widget
  • In general some UI/UX fixes / improvements
  • The nostalgic version of the UGX Web Chat has been updated as well:
    • new blue design and removed legacy stuff
    • usercard is now visible on avatar / username click
    • fixed some bugs and glitches
    • chat server is more stable now

Enjoy some images / videos of my dog Caya to showcase the new improved attachment display (you must read the full message to see the lovely fluff :dog2:).
There will be another announcement soon about the new UGX-Mods Wiki once it's fully migrated.
For now and real quick: is deprecated and the new place will be (which is as the time of this post incomplete and not fully migrated yet!)
Display issues? Try to clear your browser cache!
Full changelog:

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Happy New Year 2024

broken avatar :(
by Delta
2 months ago (December 31, 2023, 11:26:53 pm)
Views: 711
Comments: 3
We wish everyone a Happy New Year :fireworks:
Next round! 2024 is here! Whatever you have planned for this year, be sure to slay some zombies from time to time!

Thank You <3

Thanks for your continuous support and love from this amazing community.
:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
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Happy Holidays 2023

broken avatar :(
by Delta
2 months ago (December 25, 2023, 06:51:14 pm)
Views: 813
Comments: 2
Holiday greetings from UGX-Mods-Team. :christmas_tree:
Enjoy some wonderful moments with your loved ones. :snowman:
Thanks for sticking with us! See you all in the new year <3
Take the remaining days to play some christmas / winter themed custom zombie maps! ;)
- :ugxmods_blue:  UGX-Mods Team

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