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UGX-Mods Delta's 10 year anniversary + Contest

broken avatar :(
by Delta
1 month ago (August 22, 2022, 06:00:45 pm)
Views: 1,061
Comments: 21
So it has been exactly 10 years since I registered on UGX-Mods. In September 2012 I joined the team officially. I thought it was time to celebrate my 10 years anniversary and throw in one nostalgic gem I wrote for UGX-Mods a long time ago. And to round it up, I’ll throw in some steam gift cards which you can win (more information below).
So, let’s start with some history.
I was modding for World at War and wanted to join the best modding team. I was working on an ambitious project (which in the end was discontinued due to engine limits). Nevertheless with UGX-Mods I could do much more than “just” modding. I’m a generalist and a good web developer (I do this as a living btw). Over the last 10 years I could extend my knowledge in so many areas thanks to UGX and of course the awesome UGX-Mods community!
Without UGX and you - the community - I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this all. I went from PHP5, JavaScript, HTML4 and CSS2 into a Full-Stack developer who is fluid in HTML5, CSS3 (and SCSS), JavaScript / TypeScript, PHP+7. I even learned and mastered C++ thanks to UGX-Mods (but that is for another time). I learned a lot about linux servers. I did all of this before UGX, but with UGX I could keep working on it with a large user base and learn just sooo much.
Again, I can’t thank all of you enough for your support, kind words and simply staying with us.

UGX Chat *nostalgic version*

To celebrate this anniversary I’ll revive the UGX Chat. You can enther it through this link:
It’s a nostalgic version with a few fixes and improvements, but it has all the quirks and features you love and hate.
I have no idea how well it goes and how long I will keep it up and running, but just for the good old times it’s worth it. :)

CONTEST: 20€ Steam Gift Cards (over!)

@johndoe , @djluvorange , @JustVenomModz , @John_Banana and @cpt_johnson1
Congratulations! :partying_face:

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UGX-Mods: ??? (Event)

broken avatar :(
by Delta
1 month ago (August 21, 2022, 07:06:01 am)
Views: 197
Comments: 0
Hmm, looks like something is going to happen on Aug 22, 2022 at 8pm (UTC+2).
Head over to our Discord Server ( and be prepared.
Can't make it? No worries, the event goes for a whole week :)
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UGX-Mods Survey 2022

broken avatar :(
by Delta
4 months ago (June 04, 2022, 01:48:42 pm)
Views: 764
Comments: 2
It has been a few years since our last survey and we would like to gather feedback in an easy to process format.
Hopefully you have some time for us to shape the future of UGX-Mods.
Help us to help you to make UGX-Mods better in the long term ;) <3
Click the link below to take part:
The survey will be available for a few weeks.

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