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Are you referring to WaW or BO3? I'm assuming WaW since it's in this section...
1750 days ago
Ensure you processor is SSE 4.1 compatible. You are unable to build lights if it doesn't support it.
1762 days ago
Spoke to pcdev_assist on twitter and found out you need a CPU with SSE4.1 which the Phenom II doesn't support.
1765 days ago

I have the same EXACT specs. I'm thinking it could be linked to the CPU.
1765 days ago
Same thing happens to me. What's your PC specs?
1765 days ago
Did you not pay the extra buck for the buyer protection? I believe you are fully protected to get the refund if you did get it. And i would highly recommend it considering its only a buck more.
1779 days ago
That really sucks. I actually bought BO3 for $23 AT kinguin a couple months ago with no problems. I guess it depends on who your buying it from.
1779 days ago
Looks nice but I think HarryBo already made a test map to show off his perks? :P

And it's 'unknown' btw.

lol +1
1807 days ago
MP maybe, but not for custom zombies my friend, not even close. :)

And welcome to the forums.
I think he means CoD modding in general. If you look at the numbers, modding was very much alive in CoD4.
1834 days ago
Meh. Black Radiant is cluttered with so much garbage now its hard to see what the hell your doing. Hopefully there is a way to change it back to the old GTK Radiant layout, otherwise this'll be a pain to use.

I mean, come on, animation and FX editor/preview? Was that really necessary to add?
Unreal Engine 4 is probably the cleanest UI you can get, don't know what you're saying... (Plus it does have a 2D grid if you look hard enough.)

Though I disagree that the new Radiant looks cluttered it would be nice to have the option to go back to GTK style if you so desire.

I think the animation/FX previewer is an awesome feature. I remember going back and forth many times to get it to look the way i wanted it to. It was a pain to have to re-compile/re-build mod every time.

So far what i have seen is nothing but improvements.
1926 days ago
Sorry to say this but if you are having a hard time with this i would recommend to not do this until you learn more of the basics of maya and exporting models/materials.
1968 days ago
When they stop releasing crap..::)

I think you missed the point.
Oh, now i think i did miss the point. If they are purposely releasing maps that shouldn't be released then i agree with that.
2002 days ago
That's the idea...:poker:
That's the wrong idea.... lol. How is anybody going to grow to be known in the community if their map gets no attention?  ::)
2002 days ago
Only problem i see with this is a section for "Maps nobody will play" and a section for "Maps people will play"

because most people will want to play maps that they know are going to be good, and by having a section for first maps will ultimately get no attention.
2002 days ago
you make the assumption all the prefabs are already in place? when you add a prefab you still have to first of all send it over, then realign it, then in the end make sure it uses the same textures as the main file thats 3 additional steps privided its never edited for 2 3 or 4 people working on the map, if you decide to update it there goes another prefab distrebution for 3 people that have to post it in a different folder not counting the mapfile itself, if you want to know more reasons why L is superior to prefab join the chat and i can tell you all about it but arguing over it here wont help him coop on a map any better so you might aswell stop it now makecents. Here is a visual representation that might help you understand.

(Image removed from quote.)
LOL that image. That's too funny...  ;D
2015 days ago


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