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I am trying to get a boss zombie working in my map. I have the model and it's animated in maya.
The anims are custom made by me so i think i need anim trees. I'm aware that there's a tutorial on zombie modding but it doesnt cover custom anims and anim trees.

If you can help me on everything that i need to do, i would very much appreciate it.

2080 days ago

All hell breaks loose on perhaps the most jolly time of the year. You are sent in by the Special Forces to take down the undead and save New York just in time for Christmas.


More to come soon...
2402 days ago
I ran into an issue where i used script placer 2.0 to start a new map and then when i went to my old map to work on it says exceeded limit of 1600 loaded sounds and i didnt even add in a sound. Both maps are running UGX mod and someone said it was a duplicate ff file the script  placer made. Thanks to anyone who helps.
2406 days ago
Hello everyone,

I have a question with adding zombie variants into my map. I want to add Mob of The Dead zombie models in my map to match the setting of my map and have no idea how to do that. So if anyone can tell me how to do that so it WILL work with UGX Mod, i would really appreciate it.

2651 days ago


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