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Nice to see the models i gave you are in use because origins models dont fit the map im working on  :P
2374 days ago
Well, for the damage part of the colt is being your using the wrong weapon file.  I noticed the colt you have in the gsc is just colt. Replace them with zombie_colt and the issue should be resolved with that.
2389 days ago
I visit the site very frequently on my PC and mobile device and have never experienced any issues with ads at all.
2400 days ago
What's Snow?       Is it because i live in California?
2415 days ago
5. change the models in your xmodelalias/char_ger_honorgd_bodyzalias.gsc and your character/char_ger_honorguard_zombies.gsc. I would recommend copying them to your mod/mapname, thus looking like this mods/mapname/character/char_ger_honorguard_zombies.gsc, and mods/mapname/ xmodelalias/char_ger_honorgd_bodyzalias.gsc.
You say change the gsc's but what do i change it to? Also how do i set it up in radiant?
2422 days ago
i already exported everything, its the converting step in asset manager that i need explanation on.
2422 days ago
Hello everyone,

I have a question with adding zombie variants into my map. I want to add Mob of The Dead zombie models in my map to match the setting of my map and have no idea how to do that. So if anyone can tell me how to do that so it WILL work with UGX Mod, i would really appreciate it.

2422 days ago
If i were to win this, i would use this for storing all of my games and mods to this lightning fast SSD so i wouldnt have to keep deleting files on my slow full on space HDD. With this i would be able to enjoy my games and make my maps at lightning fast speeds!
2438 days ago
Sorry that i posted in the wrong forum area. but I suggest making the G18's pack-a-punch dual wield now that you guys can make dual wielding possible. But its just an idea.
2465 days ago


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