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Is there any kind of income to the youtube posisition? Or is it volunteer work? I'm interested in this position regardless.
1841 days ago
Got it. thanks for telling me Harry.
1847 days ago
The high school that i went to probably only had 100 capacity. Never was even interested to go there anyway though lol.
1849 days ago
To those of you who reported the site to Activision could have killed the whole idea of BO3 mod tools coming out.
1850 days ago
I suggest that you make a paypal donation link under the name of every mapper so that people are free to donate to whom ever they please
I agree. it's a more fair option i think than what is considered "highly anticipated." Don't get me wrong though, it really is a highly anticipated map but there was other highly anticipated maps too. I must be missing something.
1851 days ago
Little confused how you need to donate to this map. Why is it sponsored and donate to play? little strange thats all.
1851 days ago
Search for onplayerspawned in _zombiemode.gsc
I tried putting it there and i get bad syntax.
1851 days ago

I am trying to get a boss zombie working in my map. I have the model and it's animated in maya.
The anims are custom made by me so i think i need anim trees. I'm aware that there's a tutorial on zombie modding but it doesnt cover custom anims and anim trees.

If you can help me on everything that i need to do, i would very much appreciate it.

1853 days ago
A download link would help.  :)
1868 days ago
lol how typical, insult my intelligence because I feel differently...
modding is modifying. So what you said about don't change anything defeats the whole purpose of modding.  ::)
1894 days ago
nope, you can do what you like with "your work"

however i would not like to see "my work" that i pour my heart and soul into changed, and probably redistributed on the internet

if your cool with that, then thats up to you, i however make things that i want to be customizable - customizable    and things i dont want touched, i dont give you the ability to touch

I'm sorry but you don't know what the definition of mod is then.
1894 days ago
My work, is my work. A copy of that work - is still my work

but anyway, like i said, im done

I wrote them from scratch buddy, try again...

and your just as much ignoring my stance on this so whatever...
I totally see your point, nobody is wrong here.

I was comparing the two opinions. I would know, i have spent 3 years on my map and i'm still not happy with it. So it would bother me if somebody tampered with it but in the end it's about giving the player the best experience they want to play it. Am i doing something wrong?

1894 days ago
activision does  NOT own the scripts that I wrote actually - I could easily remove any references to cod stuff from my work

This is a pointless debate anyway, your all just gonna ignore my point on it anyway so Ill just be on my way

I "also" hate the mentality of the way people think they can do what ever they please with work some of us have spent years on trying to make "1" experience, not a "starter pack"

but whatever, im out...

Changing a line of code doesn't take away years spent on a boss...

In the end it's just a opinion you're not willing to listen reason to.
1894 days ago
We could give you that option, and if we chose not to, should be "our" decision for "our" work
As a mapper my self, it may take away from the true experience of the map but i believe it is about giving the player options to however they enjoy playing.

Also "Our Work" is actually not ours according to the Activision EULA for the mod tools.
1894 days ago
I will forever hate the mentality that people have here about their maps/mods.

Let users play it their own way, mods are meant to be flexible not strict rules (like how it is normally, so you're basically the same as them then).

Open the mod with 7zip go to maps\mapname.gsc level.DLC3.useHellHounds = true;  set to false and evel.DLC3.useMixedRounds = true; to false as well.

Pro-Tip: You don't own any content created in the mod tools, they're all content owned by Activision so asking the modders is irrelevant and you should asking Activision instead you're modifying their content!

Agree with you completely.

This even makes me consider about having an option to disable/enable bosses within the menu of the map.
1894 days ago


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