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You can't use your controller to navigate through the menu. You'll have to use your mouse for that.
326 days ago
Sounds like a cool idea, but why did you decide to make it a TPS project instead of FPS? I also think this would make a great alternative to BO3 custom zombies if it were possible to release it with its own mod tools, but I guess that'd be too complicated to make.
357 days ago
In WaW's engine, models are lit relative to their origin point (the blue box you can see in the 3d/2d panels). If they go through a brush, the light they receive will come directly from the skybox, so they won't look as bright or dark as the other objects around them. In order to fix that problem, you should avoid making them go through brushes in any direction possible. If you feel like you have to place a model in that fashion, you need to cover the origin of the model with some brushes so it won't receive any light from the outside of the map at all.

Bad practice

Good practice
423 days ago
Hey everyone,

I'm posting this on behalf of codmoddd1234 as he's not able to post anything on the forums (and I should have posted it about a month ago or two, but I wasn't really able to do it).

The link below contains various Maya scripts that are self explanatory and can easily be used by pasting it into Maya's script editor. Instructions are included in the comments of the scripts. If you have any problems, codmoddd1234 will do his best to help.

Includedd in the zip archive are:

Maya Ncloth terrain to map exporter
Maya Lattice terrain to map exporter
Maya texture to map exporter
Maya mesh to map exporter
Maya simple map exporter - minimal exporter
Maya ai fullbody rigging script
Maya player fullbody rigging script
Maya stock viewmodel rigging script
Maya UGX viewmodel rigging script

The "Maya nCloth Terrain" script requires the "Maya Ncloth plugin". It may not be enabled by default or is not included with the student version.

The Maya Lattice Terrain script is an alternative for those without access to Ncloth.

Here are some screenshots for demonstration purposes.

433 days ago
Are you sure the model is a script_model? You might have accidentally added a misc_model and those ones aren't able to be manupilated with scripts.
542 days ago
You might want to have a look at Quake 3 as the level editor used to make maps for it is another version of Radiant, or you can have a look at Source Engine, which is, just like Call of Duty, a fork of the Quake Engine. Both of them have very different ways of creating content, but if you want to get good at BO3 mapping, I suggest you stick to that, and that alone.
585 days ago
Remember the episode whe  Jerin kicked Guko's ass before he went ulrta isntit on him? Man were those good times.
741 days ago
wait, its illegial to ask for commissioned mods? I thought its to prevent profiting off the tools themselves.
What's the difference between asking for money for a mod you've made and asking for someone to make a mod for you in exchange of money? In both cases, someone gets paid for what he has done using the tools which makes you promise you won't use it for commercial purposes, which means you'll be committing a crime if you pay someone to make a mod for you as it's been made clear that the tools we have been provided with can only be used for purposes that seek no profit. Need I say more?
762 days ago
Could you be a doll and check the EULA of mod tools to save me the trouble of finding the exact part where it says you can't profit using the mod tools?
763 days ago
well the launcher has the necessary buttons to create a map which means you won't need a script placer. as for your other error, i don't remember having that before but it might be a warning rather than an error.
763 days ago
did you run the launcher as admin?
763 days ago
Well, I forgot to mention how copies are usually worse than original.  Like look at PUBG and Fortnite.  PUBG is an original, and Fortnite is a copy of PUBG, and Fortnite is absolutely horrible.
and pubg is a copy of minecraft hunger games
772 days ago
I would like to add Both but I dont know where I can get the premade files for those two weapons.
The point of making a mod is to add stuff that are created by you. If you don't know how to do that and if you're only going to use assets that are made by other people, please refrain from posting "your" mod here.
801 days ago


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