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You can't use your controller to navigate through the menu. You'll have to use your mouse for that.
327 days ago
Sounds like a cool idea, but why did you decide to make it a TPS project instead of FPS? I also think this would make a great alternative to BO3 custom zombies if it were possible to release it with its own mod tools, but I guess that'd be too complicated to make.
359 days ago
In WaW's engine, models are lit relative to their origin point (the blue box you can see in the 3d/2d panels). If they go through a brush, the light they receive will come directly from the skybox, so they won't look as bright or dark as the other objects around them. In order to fix that pr...
424 days ago
Hey everyone,

I'm posting this on behalf of codmoddd1234 as he's not able to post anything on the forums (and I should have posted it about a month ago or two, but I wasn't really able to do it).

The link below contains various Maya scripts that ar...
434 days ago
Are you sure the model is a script_model? You might have accidentally added a misc_model and those ones aren't able to be manupilated with scripts.
543 days ago
You might want to have a look at Quake 3 as the level editor used to make maps for it is another version of Radiant, or you can have a look at Source Engine, which is, just like Call of Duty, a fork of the Quake Engine. Both of them have very different ways of creating content, but if you want to ge...
587 days ago


from now on, i'll post a random recipe for every stupid post as a response


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