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Hey everyone,

I'm posting this on behalf of codmoddd1234 as he's not able to post anything on the forums (and I should have posted it about a month ago or two, but I wasn't really able to do it).

The link below contains various Maya scripts that are self explanatory and can easily be used by pasting it into Maya's script editor. Instructions are included in the comments of the scripts. If you have any problems, codmoddd1234 will do his best to help.

Includedd in the zip archive are:

Maya Ncloth terrain to map exporter
Maya Lattice terrain to map exporter
Maya texture to map exporter
Maya mesh to map exporter
Maya simple map exporter - minimal exporter
Maya ai fullbody rigging script
Maya player fullbody rigging script
Maya stock viewmodel rigging script
Maya UGX viewmodel rigging script

The "Maya nCloth Terrain" script requires the "Maya Ncloth plugin". It may not be enabled by default or is not included with the student version.

The Maya Lattice Terrain script is an alternative for those without access to Ncloth.

Here are some screenshots for demonstration purposes.

673 days ago
Just noticed this while watching the christmas special of regular show.

He even wears fingerless gloves dammit! How come nobody noticed this before?
1678 days ago
Let's say you're a really good friend of a famous director, and he says he wants to work on a film/tv show based on a video game of your choice. After your friend buys the rights of the game however, the game will not have any new installments. If you know he'll make the best vg adaptation ever directed, which video game would you choose given the circumstances?
1950 days ago
After seeing people complaining about the looks of the ported weapons on custom maps, I realized some custom maps doesn't only have bad looking textures on weapons, but they also have bad looking textures on brushes and etc. You'll need the following stuff to make normal maps, specular maps and cosine power maps for WaW. Since the plugins' readme files explain how to install them, I won't be covering those steps.

- Gimp
- Normal map plugin for Gimp

- Generating the normal map

Just open or import the color map on Gimp. Go to Filters -> Map -> Normal Map

You'll see a window that shows options for the normal map it's gonna generate. Click 3D Preview to see how it'll affect the texture in game. Change the shape to sphere on options. You can move the lights too.

You may need to change the filter to adjust the sharpness and invert X and/or Y axises. When you're satisfied with the looks of the 3d preview, press OK and export the generated normal map as a TGA image.

- Generating the cosine power map

If the texture has too many areas that shouldn't reflect ligts, it's best to use the normal map to generate the cosine power maps. You can also use the colour map to generate the cosine power map. To do that you'll just need to do what's written in the parentheses on the second step.

Import the normal map into gimp. Go to Colors -> Colorify, select white and press OK. (you can also do this by converting the image to grayscale, but there's a chance of fucking it up when grayscale is used.)

Go to Colors -> Invert (you may probably not need to invert the colours if you're using the colour map to generate the cosine power map)

Go to Colors -> Brightness & Contrast

You'll need to adjust the brightness and the contrast to make the image darker or lighter depending on how you want the cosine power map to look.

Since what the cosine power maps basically do is to show the engine which parts of the texture will shine, the image below will do a decent job for the texture i'm using.

Note: I know some of you might think it's stupid to use the normal , but based on my experience, generating the cosine power maps using the normal sometimes gives you better results on some textures. For example, if you generate the cosine power map by converting the color map to grayscale and darkening it, it'll make the cracks shiny too; but if you generate them with the normal map, the ares that shouldn't shine like cracks will stay dark.

- Generating the specular map

What specular maps basically do is adjust the intensity of the reflection on a surface. So you'll just need to adjust the brightness and contrast depending on how you want it to shine. The image below is how i made the specular map for the texture I'm using.

After generating each image, you can convert the material using the images you generated. You can see how my example looks in game in the video below.

You can also see how it affects the weapon models below.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2244 days ago
Hey guys. Couldn't really keep myself from posting it later with more screenshots, so here it is. It's basically a re imagination of the beloved zombie map, Der Riese. It won't be an exact replica of it and it certainly won't have any assets from waw unless it's really necessary. All the models and textures seen in the sceenshots are ported from CSGO, L4D2 and HL2. As for the weapons, here's the list i have in mind. (some still needs animations and stuff. so if you think you have fitting animations for the ones that isn't ported yet, consider asking me if need help with those :D)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


A lot of things like textures, some buildings, vision, worldspawn settings are subject to change. Even though lots of textures include normal maps and stuff with them, I'm going to remake all of them when the map is near completion. I'll try to update the topic with more screenshots every week so stay tuned :)

Note: If any of you guys wonder when assault is going to be released, let's just say it's soon. I'm just too lazy to fix the issues and complete the scripts and stuff :D
2248 days ago
After I installed the latest update of flash, chat started muting my computer after spending some time there. I don't know why it happens but it only does it when I'm on chat and it started happening right after I updated flash. Anyone else having this issue or any ideas on how to fix it?
2330 days ago
Just realized one of my custom weapons have this weird issue.

G3 Clip issue

Any ideas?
2391 days ago
Hi guys. I've just made a drag and drop app that generates a .bat file that automatically runs the converter for each asset in your gdt file. With no further ado, here's how it's used:

- Drag and drop a .gdt file on gdt2bat.exe
- Copy the .bat file in root/bin/
- Run the .bat file

If you're a Windows 7 users, you'll likely to get the UAC thingy popping upon each conversion. In order to avoid that, you'll need to run command prompt with administrator privileges and run the .bat file like this:

Download link:!oxRxkaoT!av6j16mQvuD5wJ8cZt-gaxWEV9q344-VOkm6sNZ01FQ

Any kind of feedback will be appreciated. Hope you won't stumble upon any bugs. But if you do, don't forget to reply!
2428 days ago
This is what i get while trying to export a model with Aidan's plugin.

Any ideas?
2456 days ago
Like the title says, I get this error whenever I try to compile a map.

One of the model phong materials which is used by a model referenced in the console log, so i tried compiling the map without that model and it compiled without and error. Also, if I keep compiling after that error, the compiling goes without any further errors but the map doesn't load unless I keep the texture quality at lowest and I get this error if I don't.

Any ideas? :(
2499 days ago
Like the title says, I don't know if i can make it more clear. I tried changing the surface type of model phong materials and converted them a million times but they don't seem to change in game. Any ideas?
2532 days ago
I have released the tool for public use and you can get it from the project's Github page. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use it.

My new tool, Corvid, is going to be released for everyone in a short time. You can follow the progress from the Github page of the project or even download and test it for yourself if you know your way around Python. I will be releasing a tutorial along with the binaries once everything is ready. Here are some screenshots of the tests I and the testers did.

Assault from Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Courtesy of Numan.

Overpass from Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Courtesy of Geekidos.

Mirage from Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I was too lazy to bake lighting in Radiant since my computer is not good enough for such intense tasks.

Mirage again, but in Cod 4.

However, I'm not deleting the original tutorial because I think it has historical value.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2542 days ago
I just noticed the a spawner on one of the zones gets activated even if the zone of that spawner isn't accessed yet. Here's an example of how i set the zones:


Zombies start spawning in zone2 after accessing zone3 from start zone which is pretty weird. I checked the script_flags on the triggers twice, checked the kvps of spawners and there wasn't anything wrong with them. I even deleted the zones and placed them again to make sure i didn't do anything wrong, but it was still the same. I have no idea how to fix it because everything looks pretty fine to me. Any kind of help is appreciated.
2591 days ago
Hey guys, been working on this for a week. Can't really say i've done so much since i've been focusing on the map itself. So, here's some screenshots.

Haven't really worked on the features, but i'll keep you guys updated weekly.

July 16 Update

Buildable trap from famous Half-Life 2 level We don't go to Ravenholm
Scripted by Ege115

cs_assault_v2 | Testing buildable trap
2608 days ago
Hey guys. Got another problem here. There are some models i'm trying to rescale in order to use them as debris and stuff. Since modelscale doesn't work on script models, i rescaled the models on maya and converted back to waw, but it didn't work and the models still look the same.

to rescale the models i used the following console command on maya:
scale -r 2.5 2.5 2.5

i think the problem here is the method i used to rescale the models, but since i'm far more than inexperienced in maya i've absolutely no idea what i'm doing.

i hope i made myself clear about this. Thanks in advance.
2612 days ago


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