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Hello UGX Members. I need your help!

As part of my college Critical Writing class, I have been tasked with creating a research essay on a particular group of people. I choose to do my project on the UGX-Mods community and it is now time for me to start gathering my data for my essay. That is where you guys come in. I would greatly appreciate it if as many people as possible could take the following survey. It doesnt matter who you are, the more responses I can get, the better. The survey is anonymous and should only take a few minutes.


My professor is also requiring us to conduct interviews with five people within our group. These "interviews" will take place over Discord DM's or really any other messaging service within the next couple of days. This too will not take much time and the questions will be similar to that of the survey but of course open-ended and in more detail. If you are interested, please send me a message on Discord MZslayer11#2655 or send me a message over UGX-Mods. I am looking for a variety of user ranks for these interviews, for example one Administrator/Moderator/Team Member, one or two Community Mappers, one or two Community scripters, and one or two Donators/Normal Users. Also, preferably I would like the participants to be relativly active users on the forum/discord as well. If too many people volenteer, it will be on a first come first serve basis. If I cant get enough volenteers (more likely), I may have to reach out and ask some specific people.

Your participation is greatly appreciated, thank you!
793 days ago
So a while ago this topic was posted about MOTD Grenade Disposal and i'm having a little trouble getting it to work with the code posted.

Here is what I have (Credit to Lilrifa):

In mapname.gsc:
Under "maps\_zombiemode::main();"
//Grenade Disposal===================
p = get_players();
p[i] thread watch_for_grenade();
        p[i] IPrintLnBold("Player Connected");
// Grenade Disposal=================

Bottom of file:
// Grenade Disposal
self endon( "death" );
self endon( "disconnect" );

for (;;)
self waittill("grenade_fire",grenade,weapname);
self IPrintLnBold(weapname);
if(weapname == "fraggrenade" || weapname == "Stielhandgranate")
self IPrintLnBold("Grenade Thrown");
grenade thread disposal(self, "grenade_check_trig");

disposal(player, grenade_disposal)
player IPrintLnBold("Checking for trig");
trig = getEnt( "targetname" , "grenade_disposal");
checking = 1;

if(self isTouching(trig))
player maps\_zombiemode_score::add_to_player_score(20);
self delete();
player IPrintLnBold("Deleting Grenade");

checking = 0;

Original Post:,7052.0.html

Whats happening to me is that all my grenades are deleted instead of just the ones that are thrown into the trigger. Any help is appriecated.
1883 days ago
For my PC build that I am doing soon, I have a question about the CPU and Motherboard being compatible.

CPU: Intel Core i5 4460
Motherboard: MSI H81M-E34

I know they are compatible as far as the CPU socket goes but there is something I saw on that i'm not really sure about.

And also this on the CPU description:

Does this apply to me? If so, is it something easy to do or is it going to give me problems?

1884 days ago
I am able to open up my map fine. But after a few minutes, I will select a brush or a model and I will get this error:

I just started getting this error today. It has happened 4 different times, each time after selecting a different model/brush. Wtf.
1912 days ago
I'm in the process of looking at parts for a pc that I plan to build in the next few months. I was planning on getting this CPU:

It's cheap, it's unlocked, and its got a decent clock speed. But I have been considering getting a more expensive i5 instead, so that it would be relevant longer. Because I have heard that several games are either not supporting dual core cups at all, or that they run shitty with dual core cpus. I'll bet that in the near future, more and more games will also do this. What are your guys thoughts on this? Are dual cores being faded out? Should they be avoided by gamers?
1913 days ago
Hello! Ive recently begun portaling my map and I think I've kind of fucked myself here. When I first behan the map (A year and and a half ago), I was still a noob and my mapping work was very sloppy. Ex: tons of overlapping brushes, gaps, and such. Mostly thanks to the fact that  did not use the snap to grid function  :derp: And of course this has come back to bite me in the ass now that I have more experience in mappping.

I think the obvious solution would be to redo the structural parts of the buildings so that they can actually be portaled correctly without gaps and overlaps. Let me know if there may be a easier, less time consuming solution.

I only just learned how to portal a few days ago (just doing buildings atm) so I still have tons of questions as to what is and isn't allowed when portaling. Any other tips and suggestions would be helpful as well so let me know ;)

- Am I correct in saying that portals can overlap detail brushes, but not structural brushes?
- There are not allowed to be any gaps OR overlaps in the structual brushes in a cell?
- Only one face of a portal brush can have the portal texture?
- Do portal brushed need to be square/rectangular or can they be cut to fit a certain aera?
- Lets say I have a building. This building has a upper and lower floor. Should I portal the entire building as a whole or do the top and bottom floor seperately?
-  It there are two portal cells next to each other, what side do you put the portal texture on, on the brush separating the two portals?
- Will clips interfere with portals in any way?
- Will models interfere with portals in any way?

- If I have an opening like this:

...and I make some of it detail like this: allowed to do this?:

or is there a better way?

I think that's all the questions I have. Any help and advice is appreciated  ;)
1973 days ago
I am having a problem with the lighting in one section of my map.

(Fraps washes out my images  ::) )
From far away, the floor looks fine... (they are models btw):
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

...but as you get closer and closer, they start getting darker until they just look black:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Here are more Examples. Changing my looking angle seemed made it look different too:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I also found it strange that the lighted ones sorta have a orangeish tint, all except the last pic where it actually looks normal, with a blueish tint. (All the lights in that area are pure white) Anyone know whats up with this?

EDIT: its also happening to those crate models too if you look at that one pic.
1974 days ago
When I edit things in the menufile im using (this one: it does not get applied in the actual menu. For instance...

I changed this:

to this:

but it still shows up like this in game:

I also changed this to something different and its not being applied either:

I made sure I saved the .menu file, ticked it in mod builder, built mod and compiled map but its still not showing my changed in the actul menu. Any help?
2003 days ago
If I use the Box prefab that came with the UGX mod-tools patch in my map, the hint-string is all messed up.

So I got the prefabs from Sniperbolts Tutorial Prefabs and put those in my map. The hint-string on those work fine. But the problem with those is that when the box "moves", it goes back to the same spot every time. I make sure that I have the start chest in then chest_1, chest_2, and so on.

I searched this problem on the forum but the only solutions I found were:

Make sure that this is on mapname .gsc:
level.DLC3.useChestMoves = true;
But I have that and still nothing.


replace the entire _zombiemode_weapons.gsc with the one from sniperbolts tutorial. Which I don't want to do because I have heavily edited that script and I don't want to overwright that.

If you have a solution to the UGX box problem or the problem I'm having with sniper bolts box, let me know.

2004 days ago
Every time I try to create a new map, I get this error:

This error only happens on new maps that I make. I have even tried using a different script placer and this still happens. All my older maps still work fine. Yes I compiled the _patch. Any help would be appreciated.
2013 days ago
[Withdrawn] Hoover Dam

I simply did not have enough time to work this map very much. I haven't done much work on it anyway so I am unfortunately going to withdraw form the contest. I may continue this map in the future as a normal release, but I promise nothing.

Here is a picture of Hoover dam:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Here is a radiant picture of my current progress:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Updates will come when more progress is made.
2028 days ago
I am trying to make a new map for testing purposes and I get these errors.

First, I got '_zombiemode_dogs.gsc is missing'. So, I copyed that gsc from raw to my mapname folder. The I rebuilt mod and recompiled ect.

Then I got missing dog animscripts errors. Every time I would copy them to my mod folder, I would get another missing animscript errors. I eventually copied all the dog related animscripts into my mod folder. and then I got a server script compile error. in one of the animscripts.

I even tried removing dogs from my _zombiemode.gsc, and still this shit. I had this error on my very first created map, but it hasn't appeared again until now. I am thoroughly pissed because I just wanted to test one thing that was supposed to take 5 minutes, and I wasted 30 mins troubleshooting with no success. I checked on UGX and ZM for a solution, but all the posts had no solution, or the solution didn't work.
2091 days ago
I have this brushmodel in my map that I would like to remove but for some reason I cannot select it. I've tried selecting it from many different angles but it just selects the stuff behind/below it. Any help?
2098 days ago
How would I make a glowing/neon style texture? Like this:

2132 days ago
[WIP] TranZit 2.0 [CANCELED]

Due to peoples' lack of interest in working on this project, and lack of communication between members recently, this project is canceled. I think we would all just rather work on out own stuff at the moment rather than attempting to bring together a map that has been slowly losing interest for months now. I apologize to those of you who were anticipating this map, however, both Town and Bus Depot will still be released as standalone maps in the near future.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Bus Depot - By: RichGaming
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Diner - By: DualVII
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Power Station - READ TOP OF POST!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Hunters Cabin area - READ TOP OF POST!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Tunnel - By: RichGaming
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Farm - By: DuaLVII
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

More screenshots to come soon!
2135 days ago


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