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I know, I know. You've seen this error a thousand times before but I've been looking for a solution and I cannot find anything so I thought id ask for help. Here is my situation:

My map started as a basic box map for weapons/perk testing. I had no errors at this point. My plan was to copy my actual map (which I had made before) into my test map and carry on from there. When I did this, I got the 400fx error. All the things I did between compiles had nothing to do with FX. So this brings me to my question, does map size affect FX count in some way? Thanks to UGX Asset Counter, I checked the total fx being loaded into my map. The total is only 335 FX. The files I loaded into Asset Counter are:


Is there anything else that I should be adding to this list to check that my map loads? It is also notable that I have exceeded the weapon limit (188 of max 128) however, before I pasted my actual map, there were no errors.
1785 days ago
[Script] Hitmarkers (Updated)

This is an updated version of an old script that I posted a while ago. This new script addresses many issues with the old script and is much better. Remove all scripting that you did for the old script before using this script. Thanks.

Script created by: PROxFTW
Difficulty: Easy

Download and simply put the files where they belong. The sound files are default WaW files just placed correctly for you. Then just copy the mod.csv lines into your mod.csv and continue with the tutorial.

Step 1
In mapname.gsc above
precacheShader( "damage_feedback" );

Step 2
In _zombiemode_spawner.gsc in the function
zombie_death_event( zombie ) { CODE }
zombie waittill( "death" );
if( IsDefined( zombie.attacker ) && IsPlayer( zombie.attacker ) ) zombie.attacker thread maps\_damagefeedback::updateDamageFeedback( zombie );

Step 3
In _zombiemode_spawner.gsc in the function
zombie_damage( mod, hit_location, hit_origin, player ) { CODE }
if( !IsDefined( player ) )
if( IsDefined( player ) && IsPlayer( player ) ) player thread maps\_damagefeedback::updateDamageFeedback( self );

Step 4
Do the same thing in Step 3 for Step 4 but this time in the zombie_damage_ads function
zombie_damage_ads( mod, hit_location, hit_origin, player ) { CODE }

Step 5
In _zombiemode.gsc find
onPlayerSpawned() { CODE }
and below
self add_to_spectate_list();
if( !IsDefined( self.hud_damagefeedback ) )
self thread maps\_damagefeedback::init();

Step 5
Make sure all scripts are checked in your mod builder and build you mod.


If you use this script in your map, give credit to PROxFTW and MZslayer11
1791 days ago
I'm trying to add staminup into _zombiemode_perks (rather than using bams perks... don't ask why  :kidding: ) and I am in need of a little assistance. I basically used the standard perks as a template for my new perk and I think I have most things set up correctly.... except for one thing. Whenever the power is activated in my map, the perk does not turn on. The model does not shake and light up like the others do and I cannot buy the perk. Not to mention the fact that the string still says "The power must be activated first". The other perks work fine.

I have this...
level thread turn_staminup_on();
...Under these:
        level thread turn_jugger_on();
level thread turn_doubletap_on();
level thread turn_sleight_on();
level thread turn_revive_on();

And this is my function:
machine = getentarray("vending_staminup", "targetname");
level waittill("staminup_on");

for( i = 0; i < machine.size; i++ )
machine[i] setmodel("zombie_vending_staminup_on");
machine[i] vibrate((0,-100,0), 0.3, 0.4, 3);
machine[i] playsound("perks_power_on");
machine[i] thread perk_fx( "doubletap_light" );
level notify( "specialty_longersprint" );

Twards the bottom I have this...
level thread machine_watcher_factory("staminup_on");
...under these:
        level thread machine_watcher_factory("juggernog_on");
level thread machine_watcher_factory("sleight_on");
level thread machine_watcher_factory("doubletap_on");
level thread machine_watcher_factory("revive_on");

Don't worry, this is not all the code I copied/edited, just the stuff that pertains to power.

I copied the doubletap prefab, stamped it, and changed it to the correct kvps for staminup and changed the model.

Am I missing something?

Also, there is one kvp that shows up several times in the doubletap prefab and I am unsure what to put. It is "script_string : tap_perk" and I could not find in anywhere in the script. Right now I have it set as "stam_perk" in all instances but I never found if/where it goes in a script and I do not know if this is correct.
1792 days ago
Recently I have installed Bam's mods and they are all working perfectly. I also just recently added in UGX easy fx and that is working too. The problem is that Bam's mod required you to replace your mapname_patch with his custom one. Im not 100% sure if this is the problem or not but my map and game crashes when I include Bam's custom _patch in conjunction with easy fx. I did not have this problem the first time installed UGX esay fx because I forgot to include the _patch. This time when I launch with the _patch, it crashed. The error message is 'Unhanded Exception Caught'. I tried several times with and without the patch and sure enough, the result was the same. The only other thing I added between it working and not working is a skybox model and Fog using the setVolFog() method. So the culpret is one of these three things. I suspect that its easy fx because in the tutorial, it made clear that you need to compile your patch for it to work.  :-\ Is this correct? Is there a way to have them both without a crash?
1799 days ago
I have fog in my map and I was wondering if it would be possible to hide it in certain parts of my map (for example, underground sections of my map). The type of fog i'm using is this:

MAPNAME_art.gsc which is in root/mods/MAPNAME/maps/createart

//_createart generated.  modify at your own risk. Changing values should be fine.

level.tweakfile = true;
// *Fog section*

setdvar("scr_fog_exp_halfplane", "1763.99");
setdvar("scr_fog_exp_halfheight", "541.494");
setdvar("scr_fog_nearplane", "814.911");
setdvar("scr_fog_red", "0.5");
setdvar("scr_fog_green", "0.5");
setdvar("scr_fog_blue", "0.55");
setdvar("scr_fog_baseheight", "-451.652");

setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakEnable", "0");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakRadius0", "5");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakRadius1", "");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomCutoff", "0.5");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomDesaturation", "0");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomIntensity0", "1");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomIntensity1", "");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakSkyBleedIntensity0", "");
setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakSkyBleedIntensity1", "");

//* Fog section *
level thread fog_settings();
level thread maps\_utility::set_all_players_visionset( "zombie_factory", 0.1 );

start_dist = 550;
halfway_dist = 275;
halfway_height = 300;
base_height = 150;
red = 0.00;
green = 0.00;
blue = 0.00;
trans_time = 0.1;

SetVolFog( start_dist, halfway_dist, halfway_height, base_height, red, green, blue, trans_time );

As a side note, I was wondering what fog settings you guys would reccomend that would resemble the type of fog in  BOII Town ;)
1803 days ago
I've been adding a lot of weapons to my map recently and I've been running into some problems. If you can help me out, let me know!

1. Some weapons do not get included into the map, seemingly at random. For example, I have included all weapons in _zombiemode_weapons, dlc3_code, and MAPNAME.csv. Most weapons work except for a few exceptions. When I go up to the wall to buy the spas, for example, it takes my money and gives me literally nothing. Other times, when I triple PaP the M72 Law, the third time it gives me nothing back. There are no errors when compiling the map that pertain to missing weapons.

2. All intended weapons show up in box, but some do not give me the weapon. This is in rare cases with only a few, seemingly random weapons. The model shows up in the box but I receive no weapon when I press 'use'.

3. Some reload/re-chamber sounds do not play. Once again, this is only for a select few weapons. I have included ALL the sounds and sound aliases and included the correct lines in mod.csv in launcher. The scavenger does not have any sound what so ever.

4. Some weapons that I assign 2,3, or 4 round burst become full auto. I thought this may have to do with Rate of Fire, but I made a burst weapon that shot really fast as a test (0.00000000009 firetime lol) but it worked perfectly.  ???

5. Bam's most recent version of Mule Kick only gives me a third weapon when I use the box. Not for wall buys.

I would like to note that I am using UGX Weapon Editor (Biblical program, absolutely love it). Also, these problems did not occur when I added these weapons to a test map a while ago. Seems like more are popping up as I add more weapons. (109 weaponfiles according to my mod's weapon folder.) If I can provide any another information to help you help me, let me know.  ;)
1814 days ago
Recently, I've been having a host problem when I play with my friend. Joining each others games isn't a problem, however, the match will not fully load up unless I am host. If he is host, it just says 'loading' for 5+ minutes and the match never starts. The weird thing is that his internet is 1000x faster than mine. We used to be able to play on his host but now we are having this problem. Any help?
1818 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the sound played when the box moves. I believe there are two sounds. One when you get the teddy bear and on when the box actually moves.

Thanks  :)
1825 days ago
This post is mainly a question for BluntStuffy, but any other help is appreciated too. The original topic is locked.

I have recently installed the Custom Elemental ammo script and it works... for the most part. There are a few things not working properly and I need a little help.

1. Shock ammo FX doesnt work at all. Death anims and sounds work perfectly.
2. Fire FX only appears on single shot weapons. (Ex: Shotguns) Does not work on Full auto weapons.
3. Explosion FX only appears when a large group of zombies is hit at once. When using a shotgun, killing only one zombie plays the death anim, but no fx is played. However, it seems to work perfectly on Full auto/burst weapons.

Those are the only problems I can find at the moment. If someone could tell me all the FX used in this script, I can make sure that none of it is commented out. Thanks for any help :)
1836 days ago
Hello, I have a decent laptop, but not for gaming. I can run Waw at 45 ish fps on medium settings, but waw is an old game and running new games just isn't gonna happen. Mostly because the Graphics card is intigrated and is very crappy. Not to mention that it uses up some of my ram. I recently came across a cool (partial) solution to this problem. It's an external gpu adapter. LINK I know what your thinking, just balls up and get a gaming pc. But I just got my laptop last year and I don't really want to trade in yet. I figure for a few hundred bucks, I can expand my Laptop's ability and maby use it to play more modern games at higher fps with higher settings.

Here is what I would need and their approx price:

GPU adapter - $53
GPU  - $160
Power Supply - $40
Moniter - $90
Keyboard/Mouse - $30
USB Internet Adapter - $30

Here are other things could also do (maby):

Add 2 GB RAM to PC (making it 8GB)
Upgrade processor to 3 GHz (from 2.4)

You can tell that I have a pretty low budget but I was able to find all of these things for the prices I listed and good quality. The reason I need the wif I adapter is because the GPU adapter will go in the pci slot which is where my WiFi adapter is located now.

My PC: HP Pavilion 17

What do you guys think? Have any of you hears about this before? Do any of you use this? Do you think it will work for my laptop? Let me know :D
1837 days ago
Would it be possible to have a looping .gif (or other video file) as a weapon camo texture  :o  That would be amazing! I've seen moving textures (not scrolling) on maps before ex: Baseball Field 2 (Fanta advertizement, and good luck mapper salute). I don't know if it was a .gif, but it was definitely more than scrolling. Also, the camo on the upgraded flamethrower tube is a white and blue pulsing thing. It doesn't really look like scrolling but maby it is. Any thoughts/help?
1840 days ago

I was playing Der Riese yesteryear day and I started thinking about this so now I have some questions. How hard would it be to throw together a Black Ops Weapon Mod for Der Riese? I already have all the BO weapons with sound and all so it would just be a mater of putting them in the mod. I would do what treyarch did and just put all the BO weapons in the box and and keep the WaW weapons on the wall. I know you could just pop in BO and play der riese on there but not all of us have Black Ops for PC and I think it would be a cool little side project for me to work on. I might do the same for all the stock maps if it goes well. Of course if this has already been done I will not waste my time but I haven't seen any talk of it on the forums. What do you guys think? Can you help me get started? Is it a good idea?

1841 days ago
I was recently given files for a playermodel and viewhands for me to use in my map. However I have no idea what to do to get started. I have never worked with xmodels before and I have no idea how to do it. I assume I need to use AssMan??? Here are the files I have:

1. An _images folder with .dds and .tga images in it.
2. A folder for the viewhands. There are 3 files in it with the following extentions: "BIND.mel", ".EXMODEL_EXPORT", and ".ma"
3. A folder for the playermodel. There a total of 12 files with the same extentions as above.

I was linked to a video but that was showing me how to port from BO from scratch, not with the files I already have. I was not sure which part I needed to watch. Bottom line is, I need help!
1855 days ago
I am making a custom perk and I need to know how to make it so that before buying the perk, the player has a perk limit of 4. After buying the perk, the perk limit becomes 8.

1861 days ago
Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a second and wish all of you on UGX a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
1861 days ago


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