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I want to change the Samantha voice to the bo2 Richthofen when you pick up power-ups voice along with the laugh when you get the teddy bear out tof the box. I would also like to get the TranZit game over music. I have the sounds so that's not a problem. I kneed to know how to implement them. Keep in mind, I have no idea how to do this so I need to know every step to get this working. Thanks ;)
1862 days ago
I recently installed the soul chest script in my test map. the script works fine. All the sounds work, I can hear the souls being collected and I can hear when each box is complete. Also, the clip works fine and disappears after I fill each box. However, none of the models, anims, or fx appear. All the models, fx, and anims are in raw and I have this in my root/zone_source/mapname.csv:

//BluntStuffy's Soul Chest's

What else am I missing? I see these chests on almost every map so it must not be that hard to do successfully.


Double Post Merge: December 23, 2014, 01:29:16 am
Uh oh. I just checked the folder that says, "copy contents to mapname folder" and the image folder was empty. I re-downloaded the files to make sure and sure enough, they were not there :please: Anyone have the images for me? BluntStuffy needs to add the images to the download.
1863 days ago
I was looking through the CoD wiki when I stumbled across this:

This would be awesome in custom zombies! Apparently the anims and model already exist and you could rip them from the game files. You would just have to texture the model. Would be so cool to see this in CZ and rub it in Treyarchs face like Bruh, you failed to do this, so we did! Just a thought. What do y'all think?
1864 days ago
Hello! I have a few Black Ops guns in my map. I want to get the correct stats (Damage, Fire Rate, Ammo ect.) for them so they match the original BO guns. Anyone have the weapon stats that they can link me to / Send to me? Thanks in advance.
1864 days ago
Hello! I have been working on a custom perk for my map and lets just say that it is not looking good. Would anyone be interested in making me a perk shader that doesn't look look crap? If so, reply to this topic or PM me.

Here is my god awful attempt:

Up Close:

This is what I want to shader to look like. Those are supposed to be 4 perk bottles lined up. I need it to be 32 x 32 size. If you could make it kinda look like the rest of the BO2 style shaders that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
1864 days ago
Hello, I have this hitmarker script which works perfectly. I was wondering if there would be a way to modify the script so a different style hitmarker shows when you get a kill that's different the regular hit.  And maby even a different hitmarker when you get a headshot kill. Here's the script i'm using:

//precacheShader( "damage_feedback" );

//if ( getDvar( "scr_damagefeedback" ) == "" )
// setDvar( "scr_damagefeedback", "0" );

//if ( !getDvarInt( "scr_damagefeedback" ) )
// return;

self.hud_damagefeedback = newHudElem( self );
self.hud_damagefeedback.alignX = "center";
self.hud_damagefeedback.alignY = "middle";
self.hud_damagefeedback.horzAlign = "center";
self.hud_damagefeedback.vertAlign = "middle";
self.hud_damagefeedback.y = 12;
self.hud_damagefeedback.alpha = 0;
self.hud_damagefeedback.archived = true;
self.hud_damagefeedback setShader( "damage_feedback", 24, 48 );

//if ( !getDvarInt( "scr_damagefeedback" ) )
// return;
self.damageInit = true;

for ( ;; )
self waittill( "damage", amount, attacker );

if ( IsPlayer( attacker ) )
attacker updateDamageFeedback();

//if ( !IsPlayer( self ) )
// return;

self playlocalsound( "SP_hit_alert" );

self.hud_damagefeedback.alpha = 1;
self.hud_damagefeedback fadeOverTime( 1 );
self.hud_damagefeedback.alpha = 0;

flag_wait( "all_players_connected" );
        wait 1;
for( i = 0; i < GetPlayers().size; i++ )
GetPlayers()[i] thread maps\_damagefeedback::init();
while( 1 )
ai = GetAiArray( "axis" );
for( i = 0; i < ai.size; i++ )
if( !IsDefined( ai[i].damageInit ) )
ai[i] thread maps\_damagefeedback::monitorDamage();
wait .01;
1868 days ago

So I recently added all the zones and spawners to my map. I got no errors when compiling or loading the map but when I open the door to that zone, it does not activate. inital_zone works fine. Here is my setup:

Here is my setup in MAPNAME.gsc. (Zone 4 and 5 have not been used yet) :

All my spawners are connected to my zone with a yellow line. None of the zones overlap. I know the spawner kvp's are correct because I copied them from the inital_zone and changed the target ect. Here are the radiant kvp's for zone1:

and for the trigger for the door that is supposed to activate zone 1:

Both zone 1 and 2 do not activate the spawners when I open the door. I stayed in each zone for 3 rounds just to make sure and none of the zombies spawned from in that zone. All path nodes are connected also. Am I missing something? Is something Wrong? Any help appreciated!
1875 days ago
I recently added the jump_up_96 traverse in my map and i got this error

I went to root/raw/animscripts/traverse/ and it was not there. Im guessing it is missing for some reason. (along with a few others). All thats there is this:

Does anyone have the animscript for jump_up_96 along with all the other ones i'm missing? I would apriceate it otherwise I will just remove them from my map.
1878 days ago
Windows 8 Customization and Moddifications

If your like me, there are several things you love about windows 8. Also, there are probably several things you hate about windows 8! Below will be a few programs that can allow you to customize your windows 8 experience by disabling annoying things and enabling things we loved from previous windows versions.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker (Download Here)

7+ Taskbar Tweaker is a great program that gives you more control over your windows 8 taskbar. Here are some settings that I use and find very useful:

1. Change what Clicks Do:
The settings highlighted green in the picture (above) are useful to me. Right clicking an open program on the taskbar to bring up the "Standard window menu" is much more useful to me than the Windows 8 "Jump List". Also, middle mouse click to minimize pages is also very practical.

This:        Not this:     

2. Grouping of Alike Tabs
The settings highlighted blue in the picture (above) allow you to customize what happens to multiple instances of the same program that are open. The settings I use allow the tabs to be together, but separate when you hover over it. The tabs will also remain apart when you are in that program. This works with programs like Chrome and Word.

When minimized: When Hovering over or when program is maximized:

3. Empty Space Shortcuts
The settings highlighted pink in the picture (above) allow you to add shortcuts for double clicking and middle mouse clicking on empty space in the taskbar. Those are the settings I prefer, but you may find other options that fit your PC better.

Stardock Start 8 Config (Download Here)

Start 8 config is an amazing program which allows you to add the windows 7 start menu! There are also many other feature like, disabling hot corners. You can also change what the start button looks like and even add your own image as the start button. Don't worry, if you still want to access the Windows 8 Tile page (for lack of a better term) you can easly access it though the windows 7 style start menu. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like and some of the settings i use.

The two programs above you work great together and I would definitely recommend you download these to customize and more greatly enhance your windows 8 experience. Thank you for reading and if you have any windows programs that could be useful to people, let me know in the comments and I may add it to this post.
1880 days ago
Today I was prompted to do another windows update, so I did it just like I always do. (It said "Your PC will restart in 8 mins to install updates" and I clicked "Restart Now" to get it over with). This time, when my PC booted up, some steam games are not launching correctly. Some games effected by this are MW2 and WaW. However, Left 4 Dead 2 works just fine. I'm guessing that its a problem with directX but I don't know anything about it and I don't know how to fix it. What happens is, I launch the game, steam loads up, and the game appears to launch. The screen then goes black and returns to the desktop but the game is still open in the background. I can hear music playing from the main menu. If I click on the tab that is open, the screen goes black and returns back to the desktop again. Have any of you had this issue? Any help fixing it? I'm running windows 8.1 BTW.
1886 days ago
So the way my map is layed out, I might have a little problem zoning. I need to cut it in a certain way but the only way to do this is to cut through the whole thing and create 2 parts to 1 zone. Is this okay to have 2 zones with the same kvp's or will it cause problems?

I may have to do this several times for my map. I hope this is okay.
1889 days ago
Hello everyone! I'm looking for some input on this topic and any help is appreciated. What I want to do is use my laptop screen as a monitor for my ps3. I know there are a few options that might work but I would like to hear what you guys recommend.

My first option is using an HDMI cable. This will not work for me because my laptop is HDMI Out only, and will not accept an incoming signal from the PS3.

Another option I have considered it an AVI -> USB converter or an HDMI -> USB converter. I have seen a few AVI ones on but most/all of them are designed for game/video capture from the ps3/xbox/camcorder, and what I really want is just a plain adapter. If I can find nothing else, I will probably just go with This One and see how it goes. I dont know if any HDMI ones exist but that would probably be even better.

Those are the only options I know of but if you have something that might work for me, let me know! A concern I have is the resolution. Also, how I would actually get the picture to show up on screen. How would I set it up on my PC? What would I click to see the picture? would I need to install any drivers?

Thanks for any help and suggestions in advance!
1892 days ago
I have completely forgotten how to do riser spawners. I watched a few tutorials but for some reason, the risers do not work. Could someone refresh my memory? What kvp's do I need to enter and and is there a specific way the structs need to placed in the ground?
1894 days ago
Hello, can I overlap a trigger_damage with a trigger_multiple? Is it going to cause problems? I just want to know in case I get a bunch of errors that could possibly be avoided. Thanks :)
1918 days ago
How can i make a brush non collision? (Players and zombies can walk through)
1930 days ago


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