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Is it possible to edit hint strings for open-able doors. What i basically want to do is change the standard
Press and Hold F to open door [Cost:1000] 

to something like this
Press and Hold F to unlock the roof [Cost:1000] 
Press and hold F to open the Bar [Cost:1000] 
I dont want this to be applied to all doors, just one. I want to make many different strings for different doors. Im not sure if this is possible but if it is could somebody please tell me how? Thanks in advance!
2073 days ago
I got  the error ''MAX_MAP_NODES'' while compiling my map. I was compiling after adding a small area to my map. I have no clue what this means or how to fix it.

Post Merge: June 12, 2014, 03:29:18 am
Nevermind, i solved it. Aparently i had too many ''structural brushes'' in my map. To fox this, press ''i'' and right click in the 2d view. Click on ''Make Detail'' and your done!
2081 days ago
I was hoping to add some weapons to map other than the bo weapons that i already have. Does anybody know of any that I could easily find and download?
2083 days ago
I'm trying to add the correct black ops fire sounds to the black ops weapons however I don't know how to correctly set up the sound aliases. I already have the sounds I just need help setting them up.
2085 days ago
Im trying to add a custom perk to my map but im running into some problems. After i turn the power on, it doesn't let me buy it. It tells me to activate the power even though i just did. All the other perks work after i turn the power on. I even removed the power switch and it still doesn't work. >:(
2087 days ago
Note: This project has been canceled.

Everyone's favorite Black Ops 2 SURVIVAL Map Will Soon be coming to  World at War Custom Zombies! Here is a look at things to come!

Planned Features:

+ Triple Pack-A-Punch Weapons!
+ Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Weapons
+ One Wonder weapon
+ Elemental PaP weapons
+ Hell's Retriever/Redeemer

Powerups: (Some may be added/removed til' release)
+ Default Powerups
+ Zombie Blood
+ Blood Money
+ Death Machine
+ Perks slot increase

Perks: (Harry Bo21's perks):
+ 4 Original Perks
+ 4 BO perks
+ Some BOII Perks (depending on memory limit)
+ Wonderfizz

BO/BO2/AW Style features:
+ Fixed "Magnetic zombies"
+ BO1 Style knifing
+ Solo Scoreboard
+ TranZit Style HUD
+ BO1 Pause menu
+ Custom Menu
+ AW HUD Blood Splatter
+ TranZit Zombies
+ Double Points Nuke/Carpenter
+ Richtofen: Demonic Announcer

+ Added playable areas!
+ Lava (will damage player) and add the fire effect to the HUD
+ TranZit Style Atmosphere

+ Hitmarkers w/ headshot sounds
+ Teleporter
+ Soul Chests w/ Different Reward (Not Rayguns)

*Special thanks to Harry bo21 for the perks, Hells Retreiver, Powerups, and so much more!*




New Screenshots!: (12/24/15)

Screenshots: (11/10/15)

(Ignore terrain glitch)

Early development:

Screenshots: (10/19/15)

Added areas: (more to come)

Screenshots: (7/18/15)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Screenshots: (7/15/15)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Screenshots: (6/22/15)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Older Screen Shots:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2123 days ago


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