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Yeah you're right! I actually didn't realise there was one.
I moved it for you :+1:
5 years ago
Neat idea, blue flames look awesome! Would be interesting to see the whole jetpack thing implimented in a map. Like you need it to get to certain areas of the map, stuff like that. Radiant clipping would need to be on point tho so players don't constantly fly out of the map lol.
5 years ago
Due to my project deadlines, my time for data collection is over and the survey is now closed. Thank you all so much for your participation. I will share the final project with everyone if anyone is interested in reading, as well as the grade I recieved. I can still conduct interviews with t...
5 years ago
Thank you all for your participation so far! I have recieved 10 responses on the survey which is a lot less than I expected to be completly honest, but Im grateful none the less. I still need 3 more people that are willing to answer one-on-one questions over DM if anyone else is willing to help. Tha...
5 years ago
Hello UGX Members. I need your help!

As part of my college Critical Writing class, I have been tasked with creating a research essay on a particular group of people. I choose to do my project on the UGX-Mods commu...
5 years ago
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