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Hello! I'm hoping that the directional arrows that point to other players in the coop modes are toggleable with a DVAR. I don't know if they were scripted or not, but I can't find seem to find a DVAR that doesn't hide the whole hud, and I don't see them anywhere in the client scripts. So the question comes to this: Is there a DVAR to toggle them, or are they done in menu files?
1432 days ago
For some reason, suddenly my 3rd-Person models could not be found. So after a little bit of detective work, I added the following to my _patch so that the xmodels are included.

// Player Models

However, for some reason in-game the characters are hunched over. And, whenever I restart my map, the gun shows up in the player's face. This happens for EVERY restart, but never for the initial load.

1449 days ago
Black Ops 3 Levelling
Credit: Marvel4

*Prestige currently does not instructions at the moment.

    Place in mods/MAPNAME/maps and replace if necessary.
    Place ranktable.csv into mods/MAPNAME/mp. Include in .IWD.
    (ranktable.csv is in the same folder as this file.)



players = getPlayers();
for (i = 0; i < players.size; i++)
players[i] thread maps\_challenges_coop::xpWatcher();

maps\_challenges_coop::setXPReward( zombie.attacker, zombie.damagelocation, zombie.damagemod );

zombie.attacker notify("zom_kill");

maps\_challenges_coop::setXPReward( zombie.attacker, zombie.damagelocation, zombie.damagemod );
zombie.attacker notify("zom_kill");

who notify( "door_purchased" );

if( is_player_valid( who ) )
if( who.score >= self.zombie_cost )
who notify( "door_purchased" );
// set the score
who maps\_zombiemode_score::minus_to_player_score( self.zombie_cost );
if( isDefined( level.achievement_notify_func ) )
level [[ level.achievement_notify_func ]]( "DLC3_ZOMBIE_ALL_DOORS" );
bbPrint( "zombie_uses: playername %s playerscore %d round %d cost %d name %s x %f y %f z %f type door", who.playername, who.score, level.round_number, self.zombie_cost,, self.origin );
else // Not enough money
play_sound_at_pos( "no_purchase", self.doors[0].origin );
// who thread maps\_zombiemode_perks::play_no_money_perk_dialog();

who notify( "door_purchased" );

if( is_player_valid( who ) )
if( who.score >= self.zombie_cost )
who notify( "door_purchased" );
// set the score
who maps\_zombiemode_score::minus_to_player_score( self.zombie_cost );
if( isDefined( level.achievement_notify_func ) )
level [[ level.achievement_notify_func ]]( "DLC3_ZOMBIE_ALL_DOORS" );
bbPrint( "zombie_uses: playername %s playerscore %d round %d cost %d name %s x %f y %f z %f type debris", who.playername, who.score, level.round_number, self.zombie_cost,, self.origin );

// delete the stuff

self thread debris_move_start();
play_sound_at_pos( "no_purchase", self.origin );
// who thread maps\nazi_zombie_sumpf_blockers::play_no_money_purchase_dialog(); } }

reviver notify( "revive_bonus" );

self endon( "disconnect" );

while (1)
self waittill( "player_revived", reviver );

if ( IsDefined(reviver) )
// Check to see how much money you lost from being down.
points = self.score_lost_when_downed;
if ( points > 300 )
points = 300;
reviver notify( "revive_bonus" );
reviver maps\_zombiemode_score::add_to_player_score( points );
self.score_lost_when_downed = 0;

Change the settings below to fit your preference.
Remember to compile mod .FF and .IWD files.
To enable Prestige, please see the instructions contained in the parent folder.

Script usage:
Call any of the following on a player
_challenges_coop.gsc::getRank() returns the current rank.
_challenges_coop.gsc::getPrestigeLevel() returns the current prestige.
_challenges_coop.gsc::getRankXP() returns current XP.
1450 days ago

Error I get in the Converter CMD window:
Redirect console error: 2

Happens when converting anything, model, material, weapon, etc.
All .GDT files exhibit this behavior.
Opening and saving is fine, just not converting.

Installed DUKIP's Mod-Tools, however this problem showed up about a week later (did compile assets after install no problems). Should probably ask him directly, but it might just be that the command line arguments are wrong.
1616 days ago

As you can see, I have bevels on a brick wall where it meets a post.

I do not know if it is possible to line the texture on these up. I have tried Alt + Middle-Click and using the surfaces panel but since patch texturing is different, it won't match up.

It'll be easy to recreate this with other methods (of which there are many) but before I do, is there a way to actually line these up that I'm missing?

1643 days ago
Figured I'd come on here and see your reactions but I guess the VR hype has died down. The consumer rift begins shipping in March for the whopping price tag of 600$.

Will you be getting VR anytime soon, and at what price?

I'll wait until it's under $400.

Will add some sources when I'm off mobile.
1658 days ago
R00fer come save me bby ;(

Solution: Start/end frames of ads in/out determine weapon position.
1662 days ago
    Hello, I am creating anims for a weapon in Maya. I followed Rollon's tutorial to set up the gun rigging, and exported an animated model. I got the idle animation working (it was too far forward but worked first time, then I moved it back) and tried to make a simple firing animation. I re-compiled both animations after editing, even deleting the old xanims out of all places including the old .IWD. However, where the model is stayed the same even though I moved the weapon and the arms back in Maya using the shoulder controllers and the gun with Gun_CTR. Alongside this, the fire animation makes the game flip out and it puts polygons all over the screen.

    I have re-rigged the model three or four times, alongside exporting the animated model and the actual gun model.
    I want to know what I have done wrong.
    The maya file is available upon request.

    One thing that may be causing it is that j_gun is rotated 90 degrees so it faces forward, but I have tried compiling on an animated model with and without the rotation, no dice. I feel that because of the relative type of the animation this would cause the problem however as said i tried without it being rotated, no change.

    No screenshot because when the firing animation is played all that happens is you see the green sleeve texture from the default viewhands on the entire screen.

here's my notes on Rollon's video:

Animated Model:
DefMesh:Skeleton > Select Set Members. Select J_GUN & child joints, tag_view, select a mesh then export xmodel.[/li][/list]

Exporting Animations:
DefMesh:Skeleton > Select Set Members, Select J_GUN and it's child joints, then export.

ADS Animations:
Export tag_view and tag_torso.

Model I can confirm was exported correctly, working perfectly on another gun's anims.

Assman Settings:
Use bones unchecked. Looping unchecked except for proper animations. Type set to relative. Using animated model as the model.

Sound are working.
1665 days ago
9/11/16: Looking for an ideas guy, preferably someone who is familiar with Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Cry of Fear or similar games.

Didn't realize asking for an unlock would show a bump, will post pics after next art pass.
1683 days ago
DoNotSpy10 is a program that can remove some of the tracking features of Windows 10.

However, the installer comes with embedded spyware (some even gone as far to classify it as malware). The program itself is completely portable, however in the program's license:

3. Restrictions on Use

This software must NOT be decompiled, disassembled, reverse engineered or otherwise modified. You may also not distribute this software without the original installer (e.g. portable versions).

The below download includes an Inno Unpacker, the original (unmodified, but renamed) installer of DoNotSpy10 version and a .BAT file to run the Unpacker. The program will be extracted to the {app} directory, nothing else is required.


Here's the VirusTotal scan. The objective of this post is to give you the program without breaking it's licenses, and without installing OpenCandy (which as you can see it's really a bitch.)

This program, although neat, some of the features may include breaking the Windows 10 EULA (Disabling automatic updates, for example). I do not endorse these options and instead encourage you to read Microsoft's License Terms before any download or usage of this program in order to obtain knowledge about your rights and limitations licensed to you by Microsoft.

And again...
This software is provided "as-is" and without any kind of warranty whatsoever, expressed, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. It's for the download.
In no event shall the author of this software be held liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.

There is good news though, even if you install it regularly, OpenCandy WILL uninstall, so it doesn't stick on your computer, although malware it is nice enough to kindly obey the user.
1803 days ago
Error: Could not load rawfile "xmodelalias/char_ger_honorgd_bodyalias.gsc".
******* Server script compile error *******
Error: Could not find script 'xmodelalias/char_ger_honorgd_bodyalias': (file 'character/char_ger_honorguard_zombies.gsc', line 4)

It exists.
Tried even placing it in my mod folder and included it in the .IWD,
then i get a missing char_ger_honorgd2_bodyalias, which also exists.

Not trying to skimp out on fixing it but this is a new problem and it's causing a whole chain of missing files.
1846 days ago
This is a tutorial on combining two different scripts to correctly randomize all aspects of the players. For example, this could be used to randomize a player and still use the correct viewhands for that player.

Without further ado, let's get to the tutorial. This is a combination of two scripts, alaurenc9's Randomize Player Characters script, with YaPh1l's Character specific viewhands.

First, install the randomize player characters, it is available by clicking here. Follow the full tutorial to the end.

Now you will have to use an edited version of the specific viewhands script by YaPh1l.

If you do not have _loadout.gsc included in your mod, do it now. Copy it from raw/maps into mod/mapname/maps .
Open the file with a text editor, and add the following functions to the end of the file:
set_player_specific_viewmodel(num, name)
         level.player_specific_viewmodels = [];
level.player_specific_viewmodels[num] = name;

if(IsDefined(level.player_specific_viewmodels) && IsDefined(level.player_specific_viewmodels[ maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( self ) ]))
         self SetViewModel(level.player_specific_viewmodels[ maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( self ) ]);
else if(IsDefined(level.player_viewmodel))
         self SetViewModel(level.player_viewmodel);

In the give_model( class ) function, find
switch( maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( self ) )
case 0:
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:

and directly under it add

                 self give_player_specific_viewmodel();

In the init_models_and_variables_loadout() function look for
set_laststand_pistol( "zombie_colt" );
and directly under it add this:
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(0, "viewmodel_usa_marine_arms"); //Dempsey
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(1, "viewmodel_usa_marine_arms"); //Nikolai
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(2, "viewmodel_usa_marine_arms");//Takeo
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(3, "viewmodel_usa_marine_arms");//Richtofen

If instead you want to port the 4 hero's viewmodels from BO, here is the above script premade for all of their viewhands:
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(0, "viewmodel_usa_pow_arms"); //Dempsey
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(1, "viewmodel_rus_prisoner_arms"); //Nikolai
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(2, "viewmodel_vtn_nva_standard_arms"); //Takeo
         set_player_specific_viewmodel(3, "viewmodel_usa_hazmat_arms"); //Richtofen

Last but not least, give credit to YaPh1l & xSanchez78(alaurenc9).

I dun fucked when i posted this and completely forgot to include the edited script :P.
Make sure you have used the edited scripts in this thread.
1867 days ago
New to modding WaW, just not mapping, and I'd like to animate my own traversals, big surprise.  :please:
Anyway, I know how to get the zombie model into Maya by running WaW then exporting them using Tom's tools, then just reimporting to Maya. My biggest question is how to get the animations that already exist for the zombie models and their appropriate riggings. I'd want the last keyframe for the animation that plays when the zombies stop at a node, that way there wouldn't be a sudden jerk in their movement. Is this possible, and how would I go about this?
1903 days ago
Looking for some traversals from BO1, and I'd like to learn how to port them myself, seeing as I just bought BO today for them alone  :lol:

Anyways, I know that the traversals are basically two nodes, one where the zombies go to, play the animation, then where they end up after the animation finishes playing. I'd like to know how to port them so I can place many of the BO ones in my map as they are needed (need a jump up to platform like in Ascension start room)

oh, and a script to link it all together
1908 days ago
I want to use the zombie_door entity instead of debris because with a door the model doesn't disappear. Instead like a real door it opens and the open door is still there, it doesn't magically fly off. Anyways, when I run the game with the entity as zombie_door, I get the following error:
entity of type 'script_model' cannot disconnect paths.

So I can't use a model for it, but I don't want the model to disappear after i buy the door. I want it to open smoothly (have it working, it just disappears after it finishes moving) and to stay there forever.



Double Post Merge: February 16, 2015, 03:28:03 am
Ok, so shoutout to JohnDoe for referencing this in the chat regarding my problems, and of course thank DuaLVII for the script!

1996 days ago


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