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very nice tutorial, thank you for sharing this
2092 days ago
This map looks ridiculously professional, and highly detailed. I also love the layout I can see in the zoomed out image. Have you ported over any custom weapons or perks yet?

This is the second 'group' made map to be added to the WIP here in a matter of weeks after Arrival. It is definitely an extremely exciting time for the custom community.

I will follow this closely. Great work so far.

I agree with that statement, I also love to see mappers team up and make these awesome maps. It makes for fast production and better mapping, especially when you have a great mapper but not so great at scripting. Well you get the point. Anyways I look forward to playing this. Thank you for giving us this info about the map that you guys are making. I may have to go and check your youtube channel out :)
2104 days ago
Regardless of the feedback so far on this map I still will play this and give you my opinion on the map. Thanks for sharing friend ;)
2106 days ago
try and disable your ad blocker if you have one and that may fix the issue. Another thing could be your flash player not being updated
2107 days ago
I really enjoyed your map lockdown and I am sure this will be no different. Thank you for sharing this with us and if Saje says this needs to be in the manager then I am sure you have something great here. Once again thanks :)
2108 days ago
now here is something I know a good deal about. What Elder scrolls game are you playing? oblivian, morrowind, skyrim or elder scrolls online

for skyrim there are tons of mods that I could recommend because there are so many that I love. The best place to find normal mods for armor and weapons then you can find those on steam workshop. If you are looking for total conversions or new world addons then nexusmods is the place to go for those. You can find them on the workshop but most of the good ones are on nexus

I will go through and make a list and send them to you via pm just as soon as you let me know what version of elder scrolls you are playing
2108 days ago
please read the guidelines for posting a WIP, this does not meet the requirements Im afraid

I have removed the link until this is done properly
2112 days ago
Thank you for taking the time out to provide this to the community, its greatly appreciated :D
2116 days ago
I remade tranzit... with a tranzit like vehicle, I was replaying the Slags " I don't really see the point in re doing the bus from Tranzit though because it wouldn't really fit in with any maps unless it's a remake."

my apoligies sir :D
2116 days ago
I removed the link because I dont think it pertained to the topic of this thread. :)

I was referring to your post chromostone
2116 days ago
Happy Birthday friend! Hope you have the greatest day ever :D
2116 days ago
seems legit and as always I appreciate the time and effort of making this map for the community. Thanks for sharing friend ;)
2118 days ago
Just because I said the map was difficult does not mean that im saying its a bad map. I guess im the only one that died many many times. I told them I was going to play the map and give my feedback and thats what I did. My first impressions of the map are its tough. Never once did I say the map was horrible or did I say that I was never playing it again. I guess the positive things I said were shadowed by me saying the map was hard. From now on I will keep my opinions to myself :-X
2120 days ago
after playing the map more than a few times I have just stopped as of right now. I understand that you guys are trying to make the map difficult which is no problem , I understand the reasoning. This map really almost makes me feel as though you dont want me to beat. I have tried every tactic possible besides playing co op and have failed miserably. There is just so much that I wanted to see and some guns I wanted to try out but was unable to. So therefor it really made me not enjoy too much. As far as the mapping aspect and what not its great. The electric maniac is a little op and it feels very cheap. people can say what they want about complaining about the difficulty, I am not the greatest at zombies so im afraid ill never get to fully experiance the map.
2120 days ago
map looks great guys, I am downloading now as we speak. I am going to update my post later to let you guys know what I think. As always thanks for sharing :)
2120 days ago


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