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this map is great, I would have never thought of making a map based on the movie legion but it really has a great feel. Some of the songs on the jukebox I strangely enjoyed killing zombies to. I love the custom perks and also like on the menu board you put the perks up there with the prices. I know some may think thats not a big deal but its small things like that make me appreciate the map more. I havent done the EE yet but I am definitely going to go back and try it. The change of the difficulty is always a good thing if you are a average player so im glad you put that in. The only thing that I found wrong with the map is that sometimes when you go down the zombies wont run away which left me going down soon as I got up. It only done it sometimes. Anyway I am sure that can be fixed easily. Thanks for making this great map for the community to enjoy 

update on map: I have went back and played a few more times and found a few bugs that I will send in a pm. As zen said it sucks that the map exceeds the 300 mb limit which dqs it from being placed in the manager. Maybe you should go back and take a few small things out so the map can have a shot to be put in the manager
2282 days ago
looks promising, I am going to go play it. Thanks for sharing :)
2282 days ago
There are rules that need to be followed before posting maps and other things to the community. Please look at these and follow them when you are ready to release. thank you for your cooperation in this matter
2283 days ago
once again thanks for the nice prefabs :)
2283 days ago
I have never had an issue with it running old maps, although when I first downloaded world at war I had issues running it for the very first time
2283 days ago
These are my top five and they are not in any order, its just the 5 map maps that I have not deleted

quizz v2
proper tree
2283 days ago
Loving the features of this mod, I am hoping its going to be released sooner than later. From what I have seen it looks like you are putting quite a bit of time into this project. Thank you for that :)
2292 days ago
I have seen a good many games that look great, one in particular is Mortal Kombat X. The graphics looked amazing but I never count on the game looking like that when you are actually playing. They make everything look amazing at the demos and then when  u get in game it looks nothing like that. A good example of this is last year when they showed Battlefield 4. The demo was so beautiful then when I played it wasnt anything like they showed and i had settings on ultra.
2294 days ago
The updated feature list makes me even more stoked to play this. Man there are so many awesome maps coming out I can hardly wait.
2296 days ago
I will be looking forward to the release of this map, SOG is now one of my most favorite maps. To see that all the features from that map will also be in this map too makes it all that much better. By the looks of things I am figuring it wont be too long until you release it. I would really love to see the nova crawlers put into this map also like someone stated already. Great job! I will be patiently waiting friend ;D
2296 days ago
Thank you for sharing these with the community, its good to see you putting some more of these out. I have used some of the others you posted a while back. keep em coming :)
2296 days ago
ZombieLover13371995killu is back to his old ways I see ;)
2300 days ago
only bug I have found is the ads on the mp7 is way too much, other than that I really enjoyed the time I spent testing this map. I cant wait for the release so I can see the other areas that were blocked off

Bugs that were already reported I did not include
2300 days ago
This map looks great! I cannot wait until I get the chance to play it :)
2301 days ago
I wish I knew what all that meant ;D but im sure its good coming from you
2302 days ago


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