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Looks like a cool map and cant wait to try this out!
1912 days ago
nice job
2113 days ago
thnx guys its the same thing with 7 I just had to find out how to bring it up. Some people this is a easy task but im just getting used to win 8.1. Thanks for you alls time in helping me
2405 days ago
I'm pretty sure the exe would detect it as windows 8 and put it in the proper place, otherwise I think it's the same as win 7. Not sure though.

yeah I tried that but no luck, its just a little different than 7. I will keep trying but if anyone would like to make a suggestion feel free
2405 days ago
ok so my other computer crashed and I had to buy a new one. It has windows 8.1 so im new to the program. Where to I put my mods folder now so I can play custom maps
2405 days ago
I know you all dont want me to bring back my old site mod powers and banish you all  :D , cuz I will , lol im really kidding but I bet if everyone will stop for just a minute grab a bong from somewhere. Where ever you may have put it up for times like these. Fill it up, light it and breath in and then out. You will all forget this ever happened. I promise, if that dont work I have other remedies
2440 days ago
yeah I was just reading the post and thought it probably was,  cuz I dont think the guys would put a price tag on the map. Guess u can say I was trolled myself :troll: all to the good but I prefer to be Rick rolled :D
2449 days ago
since when is the price 20 dollars donation to get access to the beta, I thought it was for all donors?
2449 days ago
at first when this was advertised by valve I was pretty excited for the reason that I was under the assumption the other person that you lend your library to would essentially have every game that I had. My son is an avid gamer so I thought finally my days of buying two copies of most games were over. Little did I know that in order for the other person can play u cant be online. Also its worthless if u got someone who plays all the time.
2464 days ago
Just when u think Custom Zombies cant get any better, then I play this. Great job sir!
2489 days ago

used to think that way but not so much anymore, anyway sorry to get off topic. Thanks map maker for an enjoyable map. Maybe u could do an update sometime so the stryker could be papd
2492 days ago
I really liked the map other than a few guns that were not able to be pap, still though I enjoyed it so much I thought I would comment on the forum about it. Im sure someone will have something bad to say about it though because thats usually how things have been going on the forums. Of course I know my feed back means nothing but just wanted to say thanks for sharing
2493 days ago
What would the UGX App do, anyway?

nothing really, I believe that the op was just generally speaking and I replied.
2533 days ago
2533 days ago
thanks for sharing :)
2533 days ago


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