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ok so my other computer crashed and I had to buy a new one. It has windows 8.1 so im new to the program. Where to I put my mods folder now so I can play custom maps
2214 days ago
ok so there have been rumors going around that Sony Entertainment is developing a game that is supposed to be similar to Day Z. They posted an image sometime this week which is supposed to be a teaser. The pic really doesnt show much but still it gets me excited. Has anyone else heard anything?
2477 days ago

There was alot of hype going into the finale of TWD season 4 and man o man did it not disappoint. We come into this episode knowing that all the survivors from Team Prison are all heading to the place they call Terminus. A place that claims if you arrive then you survive. Its small glimmer of hope that gives the rundown group something to strive for which is something they have not had since there stronghold at the prison. From what we saw last week when Glenn and the group were coming into the gates of salvation things looked as though the place may be legit.

As the show starts we see Rick sitting up against a truck having flashbacks of Hershel trying to get Rick into a better state of mind after everything they had been through. When I was watching these parts it really showed me how much I miss Herschel and all his wisdom. So as the group are sitting at there camp talking. The group of thugs that Daryl is with, greet the three by pushing a gun to Ricks head and explains who they are and why they vow revenge. The other bandits have Carl and Michone wrapped up. Then here comes Daryl once he sees who the people are that the guys are wanting to kill and vouches for Rick. So the guys are not happy about that and start beating Daryl to death while the other guy has Carl pinned getting ready to rape the poor boy. I have been wanting Rick to deliver all season long and when he sees Carl in trouble he turns into the ultimate badass we know and rips the guys throat out like a papa bear then puts a massive overkill on the guy that was trying to hurt Carl. They make work of the bandits and then cap off the scene with Rick declaring Daryl his brother which was a favorite scene of mine probably all season.

So the group decide to take an alternate path off the train track as they come up on Terminus because like Rick said 'they wanted to see them first" which is a brilliant idea and thats whats kept them alive this long is because of Ricks leadership skills. As they start to split up we get to hear from Michone about her two pets that were with her when we first seen her. I never would have guessed in a million years that those pets were the two most important people in her life.

So as the group heads into Ternimus they run up on these mystery people who seem nice. The group checks out the scene a little and then sensing everything is ok they allow the people to search them. They are offered food and as everything seems to be going good Rick spots the guy has Herschels watch and the other one is wearing a poncho. Rick immedietly grabs one of the guys and places a gun to his head to find out where they got the stuff at. Then we get to see the peoples real colors and how things are not what they seemed. They try to make a getaway and eventually run into a dead end and have people aiming guns at them from everywhere. They quickly surrender to keep from Carl being hurt. They are told to get into a train car where the other survivors emerge from the shadows.

The new members (Abraham, Eugene, Tara, and Rosita) are introduced as friends and Daryl quickly affirms that they are now friends of theirs as well.  Abraham interjects a statement that they may not all be friends for long.  But Rick, says “No!” “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.” Which leaves them all (and viewers) a bit puzzled.  But he finishes the sentence by saying “they’re screwing with the wrong people!” 

I will say that I thought this was a great finale and it shows that you dont have to kill off a major character to make the finale a good one. All up until now I really didnt know where they were taking all this but now that I look back it seemed as though one of the major aspects of the season were Rick shaping up to be the badass we all love and know. We still do not know much about the residence of Terminus other than they have lots of guns, there guard sucks at patrolling the perimeter, there sniper has terrible aim, they have a creepy ritual room and there grill is quite large. I guess we will have to wait 6 months to find out more.

Hope to hear everyone thoughts on the finale
2486 days ago

OK I have not posted a Walking Dead episode review the past couple weeks because I did not really think anything has been to interesting. This season has been all over the place trying to keep up with everyone from team prison. With the season finale being Sunday I wanted to post so I could hear what everyone else thinks about the events to come. I have listed a few things below to kind of get the topic going.

* Is Tara pretty much doomed?
* Anyone else feel the acting has been bad this season?
* Whats up with all the familiar locations?
* Are the walkers the only threat as of now?
* Eugene and his mission?
* Anyone think this will be Glen or Maggies last ride?
* Where is Beth?
* Terminus means final destination, will it be?

I want to hear everyones thoughts on the season so please feel free to post what you think will happen or what you would like to see happen.

2491 days ago
OK here lately when I am playing any map there are certain sound types that are playing on a low volume.For instance any voice sounds in a map you can barely hear. Even music for the box and grenades blowing up are really low. I have tried all the obvious things such as setting sound back to default, I have tried turning all the audio up, I have even tried different things with windows sound manager and different headset options as well. So I am really stumped at this point. Is there anyone that may know what I am dealing with here?
2510 days ago

This episode review is not going to be a very long one because there really isnt much to talk about. If you were looking to see anyone else from Team Prison other than Daryl and Beth, you are probably going to be dissappointed. The episode did not progress the story anymore either. If you are a die hard Walking Dead fan then the episode is really not that much of a letdown. You get to see Daryl and Beth and there struggles that they are going through after being split up from the group. However this did make for some tense moments with walkers and get to see more about what the two were doing before the outbreak.

Like I said before the episode is getting some really bad reviews. I am a die hard fan, so seeing episodes like this dont spoil the episode for me. I would like to see what everyone else thinks about it and who else enjoyed the two flipping the bird at the end. That was an awesome scene in my opinion.

Discuss the episode here.
2514 days ago
So I finally broke down and ended up buying an Xbox One. Im actually surprised at what a nice machine it is. The graphics are beautiful. I hate to say it but they are better looking than the ones on my alienware x51. I am just wondering if anyone else has purchased one and what your thoughts are on the machine. Dont get me wrong, Im still a PC guy. It almost feels like im cheating on my PC with a console :o
2519 days ago

OK so this is the third episode after the midseason break and some may say that the episode was boring and not a lot happening. I totally disagree with that. I thought the episode was really good.

So the episode starts out with Michonne, Rick and Carl waking up in the house that they have been staying at. The group feels the need to go on a loot run for food and supplies. Michonne thinks its best that Rick sit this one out so he can recoop after that viscious beatdown he got from the governor in the mid season finale. Michonne and Carl go hunting for supplies while Rick rests his battered body. Carl is acting cranky and says he's just tired, but Michonne doesn't buy it and tries to lighten the load by shooting crazy cheese into her mouth. But she gets no reaction from Carl and tells him she had a three year old toddler who did find her funny. Carl is shocked by this revelation and asks why she never told him she had a kid. This is an important moment for Michonne because she's trying to get Carl to open up about his own pain.

Then we come to the scene of Rick sleeping and he is waken up by some commotion downstairs. It seems that some bandits have found them a nice place to rest. As Rick is trying to get up and get out he has to hide under the bed because someone comes up the stairs and lays down on the bed he is under. This was such a tense moment for Rick. Since he has no idea what these guys intentions are or even how many of them they are.

So then we get back to Michonne and Carl and this is the first time we find out her little boys name which was Andre Anthony. She lets carl know that she has never opened up to anyone about him since his death. It is nice to see Michonne open up and each time I find out something new about her it always leaves me wanting more. Then after she seeing the room that was apparently a family suicide room. It breaks her down in tears and Carl witnesses her in this state and thinks maybe she found a dead baby and Michonne lies and says it was just a dog. This finally opens up Carl and we find out the struggle he is having about baby sister Judith ,which he thinks is dead. The scene ends with Michonne telling him with a smile that maybe Judith and Andre are together.

Meanwhile Rick is still under the bed and a man enters the room and claims the bed by killing the man that was sleeping on it. Man he must have really missed sleeping on a king size bed.

So then we get to Glen who wakes up in the back of a flat bed military truck with Tara. He then ask her how long they have been traveling in which she responded about three hours. Then he ask if they passed a bus along the way and Tara tells him yes and everybody was dead. Glen violently beats on the truck window for them to stop the truck. This is when we get to meet our three new characters. A bad ass soldier named Abraham, a scientist named Eugene which by the way has the best mullet since Joe Dirt and one very good reason to start watching the show if you havent already. That very good reason goes by the name Rosita Espinosa.

Its then when we find out these three newbies were on a mission to get Eugene to Washington because he knows the reason for all of this. He explains they had been having radio activity with these people and havent heard from them in a few days. This is not enough for Glenn. He has to find Maggie and as he tries to leave Abraham stands in his way claiming that Maggie is dead. This sends Glen into a rage and cold cocks Abraham. As all this is going down out of no where comes a horde of walkers. Eugene trys to get Abrahams attention in which he was unsuccessful. So he then decides to take matters into his own hands and shows us why he is a scientist and not a soldier. So after shooting a few holes in the gas tank the rest of the group takes care of the walkers and see they no longer have a ride.

So finally Rick gets out from under the bed and makes his way to try and escape the house when he runs into one of the bandits on bathroom duty. They struggle around and Rick finally gets the upper hand and chokes out the guy and picks up a nice little toy on the way out.

So then we come to the part of Abe trying to patch up the gas tank of the truck. Glen walks over and says hes sorry about the truck and walks off in the opposite direction of where they were going. Then Tara follows him and believe it or not so does Rosita. Abe looks in shock but even more so when Eugene follows stating that there were probably no zombies that way. I think thats bs because if it were me I would probably follow Rosita too. Now I guess saving the world is put on hold until they can find Maggie. She got that boy sprung.

So Rick is now trying to escape once again after jumping down on the back porch from the roof. As he makes his move the leader of the bandit group comes out and sits on the porch. He seems to be in good spirits eating his can food and whistling Dixie. So then Rick notices Michonne and Carl coming back from there loot run and he thinks he will have to kill the guy but instead he was distracted by something that was going on in the house. This made for a clean get away. So as the group walks down the tracks we now see that they have a destination after reading on the side of a box car about a place called Sanctuary.

Great episode this week. We finally have another reason to survive other than just surviving. We got new characters and new places to go. I can hardly wait to find out the reason for this outbreak

Discuss the episode here.
2520 days ago

This weeks episode answered a lot of questions and got us caught up on who made it out and who didnt. I like the fact that we got to see each groups escape from the prison. The show starts out with Beth reading from her journal and we can see that the prison kind of gave the group a sense of hope. So now that its gone is really devistating. Even Daryl seems that he has lost hope. These two should have no trouble surviving together. Who knows maybe this could turn into a romance. When picking groups to survive the apocalypse Tyree got the short end. Atleast he has the "little ass kicker" Judith. It must be pretty tough changing a diaper and killing zombies. I dont think they would have made it to far but look whos back. I can say that I was not expecting that. If not for her this group would have been on our R.I.P list. We also find out in this episode that Lizzie is not the best babysitter as she suffocates Judith to try and keep her quiete. Like Carl she is turning hardcore. Its then we find out about this Safe Haven that everyones heading to. Then we get to see the group of Sasha, Maggie and Stookey. This is the first time that we have seen this side of Maggie. Like any other crazy girlfriend she has to find her man no matter how many bus loads of walkers it takes. Watching this scene kinda reminded me of emergency escape drills on the school bus. I kinda seen that one coming. Finally after the show is almost over we get to see one of my favorite characters on the show. Glenn wakes up in the watch tower with about a hundred zombies below. That is one heck of an alarm clock. He gets his gear and gets out. As he is leaving he stumbles upon one of the governors people Tara. I had already forgot about her but its nice to see her again since she was never really a bad person to begin with. This is going to be interesting to see how she holds up after losing everyone at the prison showdown. Right as the show is going off. There is a humvee that pulls up with three characters we have never seen before there names are Eugena, Abraham and Rosita.

The episode was not really all that action packed but it got me amped up for a few reasons. New characters being one of them. We got to see the return of Carol also. I am really looking forward to next week so we can see who these new people are.

Discuss the episode here.
2528 days ago
Well this has nothing to do with CZ or even games, but as I was sitting at the window watching all the snow fall and about 6 inches already on the ground, It made me start to wonder how many other of you all are seeing the same thing. I know that for some of you all 6 inches of snow is really nothing. I live in SC, so for me its not normal.  :o
2532 days ago

If seeing Herschel decapitated by the governor in the mid season finale wasnt enough to make you say " Why they got to do Herschel like that" then seeing his zombified head laying on the ground will. Thats exactly how the mid season premiere opens up. We get to see the aftermath of the Governors ill fated attempt to take over the prison. We also get to catch a glimpse of the governors dead body or at least we are supposed to think that. Notice he never turned, so maybe we haven't seen the last of him. Then dont forget Michonne gets 2 new pets.

Following up Rick and Carl wander the streets of an abandoned neighborhood in search of shelter to kind of regroup from what just went down. From the beginning you can see Carl is feeling a little independent. He is clearly sick of being treated as a kid and believes he can fend for him self. Well how quickly did he find out he is not as big as he thought. Either he is the luckiest kid alive or hes just that good. One things for sure. He loves chocolate pudding.

I really like how we keep getting to see a little more of Michonnes backstory. Right up to season 4 she really has been portrayed as nothing more than a nomad that can sure swing a kitana which she showed us when a zombie look alike of herself must have looked at her the wrong way. Well she is far much more than that.

Im just excited to see whats happened to the rest of the gang and what kind of struggles they will face. Remember most of this group has always had each other to lean on when things got tough. Now we will see how they do without one another.

Discuss the episode here.
2534 days ago
I would like to say after a year or more in the ugx community I am proud to say after my donater status Its an honor to be a forum mod. Thanks Trem, Delta and the resrt of the UGX team for giving me this chance. It may seem small to some but for me its an honor. I will do the best I can so thanks :gusta:
2547 days ago
OK for all you Arma 3 players you may want to check out this awesome upcoming mod that is like Dead Nation and Breaking Point mods. Check it out and let me know what you think.
2584 days ago
im currently downloading day z standalone, it was released on steam early access if anyone wants to play if they buy it then hit me up on steam.
2590 days ago
OK my computer has not been acting right in the last couple of days so I started doing some investigating into the problem running full scans and pretty much every kind of scan you could think of. What I found was that I have a Trojan virus according to Mcafee, Norton and F-secure. Well anyway every time the antivirus programs try and get rid of the file it wont let it, f-secure just keeps looping. It says a virus has been detected and when I choose to fix it will say its removed and then it goes back and gives the same message again( yes I did restart on numerous times and still would not fix. So then I found out where the infected file was and turns out its in my 86x google folder. When I go in and try to delete it manually my icons on the desktop disappear for about 5 seconds and then they come back up with the file still not being deleted. Does anyone know anything else I can do to fix this problem. All help will be greatly appreciated :(
2620 days ago


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