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I see you guys are making great progress on this map. From looking at the images I like how the detail is just spot on
2230 days ago
Looks interesting, I see in the OP you say the second version of the map will have the UGX mod and a single Wunderfizz. Does that mean there are going to be no perks? Whatever the case im sure it will turn out great.
2230 days ago
I think this is going to be great and benefits everyone including mods :gusta:
2230 days ago
I will say that after watching the video I am really looking forward to playing this. Great job guys! I really hope this comes together like you want. For some reason it seems like its going to have that Ascension feel to it from the video footage. Also I really like the viewhands 8)
2233 days ago
I think its a great idea if you all are going to put a variety of examples in the map.
2236 days ago
Really impressive for a first map. I have not put alot of time into the map yet but plan to later on. Nice job so far and will update the post later with final impression. Thanks for sharing :)
2238 days ago
thanks for bringing these over :D
2247 days ago
i got the landmark key for 7 day trial
2251 days ago
I am really looking forward to playing this map, being one of my favorite mappers I know that its going to be epic. Keep up the good work :)
2254 days ago
I went ahead and bought it for Ryse Son of Rome, Forza and Dead Rising 3. I also bought Titanfall. Now I am kicking my self in the arse for doing this because Ryse was a very nice game showing what the one could do graphically but it never felt like I was doing anything other than trying to get done with the story so I could trade it in so I would not be out 60 bones. Now Dead Rising is coming to pc and another reason I wish I had waited was because I really expected Titanfall to be the game that was going to turn it around for me but  after playing the pc version the graphics were not all that great. I have a computer that will run most games on ultra with great fps so I dont think that anything for the console is going to impress me graphically. Looking back I should have took the money and bought another gpu to add to my setup because I really dont think I can ever go back to console gaming. Just something about playing with mouse and keyboard versus controller. Oh and Forza is an amazing game btw
2258 days ago
Good job Chunkdogg :) Is there going to be objectives in the map or is it going to be just flat out survival. I think that adding some objectives would really fit this map nicely
2264 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Nice pic, its got that WWII rustic look to it :) Very nice
2264 days ago
I checked the comments in of of NGT's playthrough videos of your map and several people think that you have mental problems and/or you're a child molester .-.

When he starts making maps with lollipops and white vans in them we will worry, but until then I think all the kiddies are safe ;)
2267 days ago
looking good, these are some interesting ideas being brought up I would really like to see some of them in a map. Keep up the good work!
2267 days ago
sorry but why would you think that was directed at you Daedra
2274 days ago


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