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i would be happy with just the features in comosea, i would like to see those features and weapons implemented on other maps. releasing this would keep the custom zombies alive. plz release and good luck on all your future endeavors
2485 days ago
Looks sweet, can it be used for a wallpaper or background
2499 days ago
well I have a hp dv6 and it runs customs really good, i dont have any problems. I also use razor game booster too which is a free game performance program from iobit. the graphics are amd radeon 6480, its a little better than integrated. i only payed 500 dollars for the laptop
2519 days ago
UGX Ban Hammer banner is pretty epic :gusta:
2522 days ago
Welcome to UGX!
2522 days ago
Dude where is your map? Who are you? Oh yeah thats right you are NOBODY. Pretty sure I have never played any of your maps. If you wanna whine and cry goto ZM with that shiz. That aint how we roll over here. Every one makes mistakes thats why there is erasers on pencils. Im glad there are people that take the time and effort to make something that me and tons of other people enjoy and they get payed no money to do it. So stop your crying u didnt lose any money over that bug did u?
2523 days ago
Should I be enjoying this map more than BO 2? Great job on the patch!  Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated
2524 days ago
im so freaking excited for this :D
2527 days ago
thanx for the update, i cant wait
2528 days ago
is this map still in production or is it canceled?
2528 days ago
you are right, that wasnt what I meant at first but now that I look a little closer they are quite nice. Hands that look that nice u know there is definantly some moisterizing going on behind the scenes ;)
2533 days ago
so sexy
2534 days ago


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