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Created 12 days ago
by JayJiveCertified
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Location: us
Date Registered: 22 September 2019
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A map inspired by dreams, friends, and colleagues. I hope you enjoy it and all of its awesome features!
Mediafire Link:

Mega Link:


Round Starter, Zombie Counter - Dust
BO1 Weapons - shippuden1592
Rai-K56 FX - HarryBO21
Hitmarkers - Mzslayer
Shootable Doors, Keypads - Make Cents
Soul Chests, Electric/Explosive Ammo, Achievements, Panzers - Blunt Stuffy
Help With Round Change Music - DuaLVII
Kino Teleporter - Aidan
Teddy Bear Easter Egg - Cristian_M
Pause Menu, PaP Camo - HitmanVere
Perks - Gympie6
Round Change Music - Treyarch
Custom Models - Salaj
Buildable Door Switch - BYZMODZ
BO2 Weapons - SpiralModz
MW2 Weapons - Rorke
CoD4 Weapons - WoLf_GoLd
Bombs - buttkicker845
HUD, Character Randomization, Generators - alaurenc9
Instant Nuke, Unlimited Ammo Powerup - KDXDARK
Assassinfunches -
Cristian_M -
ImRezQo -
RadimaX -
Reanymation -
Redryder21 -
OfficialSaluc -
WhySoCerealMan -
Yikame -
Free PaPed Python (one person):
- Swim to PaP
- Shoot the picture to your left and down with the unupgraded Colt
Free PaPed P90 (all teammates):
- Fill all the soul boxes
- Collect the free weapon in the power room
Main EE:
- Shoot all 10 Teddy Bears:
        - Window in room with Round Starter
        - Roof of Deadshot room
        - On an adjacent roof in the power room, right and up from the G3 wallbuy
        - In the window across from Double Tap
        - On the old JayJiveCertified logo in Jugg room
        - Top corner of grey brick tower across from the entrance to the roof town
        - Left hallway next to the Stamin-Up building
        - Leaning on a chimney on the roof of the house next to Tombstone
        - Alleyway to the right of the SPAS wallbuy
        - In the corner behind the fence to the right of the JayJiveCertified themed soul box
- Locate the newly opened door in the grey brick tower and open the 0 cost door
- Link all 3 phones
- Fill all soul boxes
- Teleport to PaP, buy the Law (wallbuy is in the boat to the right of Quick Revive), and pack it
- Shoot the PaPed law at the door that says “LAW” above it
- Locate the 3 Bombs (if you can’t seem to find one in the map, check the far corner of the ocean to the right of PaP)
- Bomb the grey brick door behind the LAW door
- Open up all the doors in the bonus area (significantly more helpful with Hacker Honey perk)
- Go around the map and solve the 3 Targtename code panels:
        - Stamin-Up room across from Stamin-Up
        - In the room opened up by the Teddy Bears next to the 0 cost door
        - In the last bonus room next to new PaP machine
- Obtain the Free Colt from the last bonus room and PaP it
- Buy EXACTLY 5 Generators (6 Listed):
        - In ocean to the left of PaP
        - In the closet off of the Deadshot room
        - In the closet off of the Jugg room
        - In front of the Stamin-Up building
        - In the grey brick tower room
        - In the last bonus room
- Save up 20,000 points
- Position yourself where the 0 cost doorway is and aim for the corner of the pink cluttered room (you should see a dude); shoot the dude with the PaPed Colt
- End the round
- Buy the last generator
Free MP40 (EE Exclusive):
- Shoot the picture of the dude looking over the roof town behind the house with the chimney (teddy bear was there before)
Unlock the Super Wonder Weapon Wallbuy:
- Shoot the 3 Ducks around the map:
        - On the plane wing on the right side, shot from the entrance to the first room
        - In the front window of the boat in the pink cluttered room
        - In a hallway behind the Free Colt box in the last bonus room
- Wallbuy is located in the grey tower room
Music EE:
- Hit the box until you get the “SW Prototype”
- Pack it to be the “Holly’s Key”
- Fire the Holly’s Key at the brown door in the Jugg room with the Magnum above it
- Once the door is open, read the message and then press F on the radio

Last Edit: November 24, 2021, 03:20:18 pm by smasher248
broken avatar :(
broken avatar :(
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very good map. I consult you .. how did you put a hitmaker in your map? I've been looking to put in mine for a long time.
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broken avatar :(
Location: nz
Date Registered: 30 January 2020
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Donator ♥ Benevolent Soul who has our eternal gratitude and exclusive access to betas and the donator section of the forum.
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Take the console out of the map. Was a pretty cool EE. Average EE enjoyer :)
EDIT: If your trying to find the power switch, and you have already brought the first door (The door that locks you away from spawn) you have to restart as you've been jebaited and cannot continue the map. Power switch is in spawn, as soon as you get out of the water area leading to the first buyable door on the dirt ramp :)
Bugs found during playing solo:
Invisible Panzer
Panzer Spawning mid movement
Panzers standing still
When downed solo you can sprint while downed (If you were already sprinting before being downed)
I'm going to take in that the player model are features as you say something about this being a "dream" or something?
Invisible that there is a feature that you cannot see
PaP Machine appears broken, stretched model. edit - all machines break and stretch
Walls are glitched out (Pink stuttering textures)
DAD COLA doesn't work - It works sometimes not all the time
Random visual bugs (Black stretched texutres, Walls appearing infront of player suddenly, skybox glitches)
Perks don't show amount to buy the perk
Last Edit: November 27, 2021, 06:24:58 am by Ahvay

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