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Here is our playthrough: We were able to make it to the top as well as find the secret room! Thank you for the map gympie6!
123 days ago
Here is our coop playthrough:  The easter egg steps were quite difficult to figure out. We ended up getting stumped after the second step. We were able to complete the easter egg, however, thanks to the guide made by Alfe5. Thank you for the map and the awesome update smasher248! The helicopter rescue was sick!
149 days ago
Thanks for the map gympie6! Heres a coop playthrough if anyone would like to check it out:
578 days ago
Wow. One heck of a map so far ive spent the whole night playing it with 8 different recordings and still havent beaten it!
640 days ago
Your right. I should have taken my time and bought the custom perks. No excuse here! Would love to play your next map.
712 days ago
2 part coop play through on nazi zombie rats v2: Thanks for the map Cod_ne!
712 days ago
Solo play through with commentary if anyone wants to check it out: Thanks for the map gympie6!
712 days ago
Egypt Zombies solo play through with commentary if you wanna check it: Thanks for the map GearZ469!
714 days ago


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