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This is a box map and  623MB?  Is this a joke? 
 I just tried out that map, no it is not
93 days ago
been trying to get this mod to work with a friend in coop but we get stuck in the loading screen. Anything you know that could get game_mod to cooperate?
325 days ago
enjoy the map, it's interesting but there are a few things about the map i can't figure out even after a few games of this map

1. what are the purpose of the golden doors? how do you open them?
2. the staffs. i've played this map twice for several hours in those two sessions and i still can't figure out how to aquire the staffs, any hints you can give?
3. how can you leave the final area if you want to leave and get more perks, find parts etc. without falling off the ledge to your death?
463 days ago
Whoeeps I totally forgot to change that, play it until it's gone..
lol you are going to fix that right? 
722 days ago
uhhh.... for some reason you start with 50000000000 points
722 days ago
Amazing, I have completed Kotor 1 like 11 times with mods and without. Also completed Kotor 2 a few times :)
LOL, you and I both 
722 days ago
Yeh man it is true! One of my most favorite games of all time!
Amen, brother. Funnily enough, I've recently been covering mods for KOTOR. 
723 days ago
Just booted up the map, got through the first round and I was listening to the end round and start round music and I'm thinking: "Did the modder use music from knights of the old republic for their endround and roundstart music? If so: awesome"

because i recognize the music lol

that and a few sound effects
723 days ago
lol, idk why but the last screenshot with PaP reminds me of the old map core or nazi_zombie_cor

or is that just me?
726 days ago
So far, i'm loving this map, but there's one thing i'm currently annoyed with and it has to do wtih the EE. where or what or how do i get my grubby mits on the AA shell, i've scoured the entire map and i can't seem to find it. is it on a shalf somewhere do i dig it up, or what?
880 days ago
I strongly encourage you to continue with this project despite the remastered map. Maybe add a new side quest or new areas to explore to help differentiate it from the remaster. It has great potential and would be a waste to abandon it now.

that or restart the whole project and create moon's original paris incarnation.
1007 days ago
Didn't you hear? Perish was cancelled because Hitman, the man himself, tripped on the mapfile and broke it :(

Is that even true? evidence please?
1024 days ago
I'll shut up now. sorry if i was a few days late on that reply
1029 days ago

Margwa is impossible for WaW, to much verts and joints etc. Not to mention the script + fx + anims.

just reduce the level of detail on everything. if it worked for the panzer soldat and other characters from other games like the fleshpound, scrake and patriarch from killing floor 2 it could work for the margwa
1041 days ago
vote for "other" for the boss round. how about the margwa since that has yet to appear in a world at war zombie map and since you're adding SoE content to the map, why not?
1046 days ago


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