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This map is pretty well made, its tight and to be honest there i found it pretty hard camping in the pool place so i went back to spawn to train - one thing id say is that the lighting in this map is pretty dark and...its not really pleasing but cheers to Conor for this map!
23 hours ago
Nice playthrough dude, this map gives me Shi No Numa vibes +_+
24 hours ago

This aint even a joke, i died quite weirdly in this playthrough but its always good to revisit a classic map. I think the dogs thought it was actual april fools and trolled me on this one, and on a serious note i had researched this topic and apparently WaW sucks at determining how much health you actually have so its basically red screen for ya, have a good day adn try not to get pranked!
3 days ago

I had seen this kid playing this map and i really felt his pain, it was quite hard and i thought he just couldnt play properly...until i tried and dang this really kicks you - give it a try! :)- cheers to Map Maker: Ferbreze!!
4 days ago

Just a quick thank you :)
8 days ago

This was a really awesome zombies challenge map, its small and tight (thats what she said) and really really awesome. First of all that ppsh on the wall actually has sound! i HATE it when MAPS have no PPSH sound!, keep your purchases to a minimun if you can and save for the buyable ending! :D- cheers Picki for the map!
9 days ago

So yeah, falling through the floor isnt cool - i dont know if this is intended to troll people as it only happens when i get perks so i played this without any perks, also there are zombies which cant walk towards me....there are alot of changes that need to happen here.../Map Maker : PotatoClips
11 days ago

This was actually quite a quick finish, this room is pretty damn dark so i recommend turning that brightness up ingame. The map also has some pretty good zombies spawns as they are in the typical training areas - cheers to signal puke 13 for this map / Oh and did i forget to tell you i love the flamethrower?!, you already knew that!
12 days ago

This has a weird design for a zombies map, its a bit too big and a bit too easy...i dont think ill be playing this map again :(Cheers LI4MBATES for this map :)
14 days ago

Kino Der Toten with all of its 2010 glory, here it is!
17 days ago

I believe we have all of the buyable weapons on the wall including rocket shields and ppsh...too O.P, i recommend playing this map with a friend to give it more of a challenge,  oh and vulture aid is probably the best perk to get! works real good in this one window challenge,cheers to : Lynx Gaming for this map :)
19 days ago

Ive got to be real here, this map is small BUT for its age it holds up to be better than some maps released today!, its simple and has a secret EE which i cannot find....can you find it?

- cheers to Garry for this map!
21 days ago

Thats right, cheers to the bro NG for allowing me to put this footage of his sweet map on YT, The only downfalls to this map is that there is a weird Thompson animation its all stuttery and bleh its weird, the secord thing is the waffe glitch but who cares this is a fast map and the perks are overpowered on this map it feels like its been tweaked

@NGcaudle - You are a BEAST!

22 days ago

Weve got another map here made by UGX Community Mapper @cpt_johnson1 , if hear the tunes of the soviets in the background YOU KNOW IM PLAYING IT, The whole bears thing is not a thing im used to any more but hey no one is complaining - this is an awesome map and i didnt encounter any glitches so its a win for me :)

- cheers the map cpt :)
23 days ago


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