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Messages - Ahvay

almost always your comments are negative ... the map is easy if the right strategy is used. that you can not with the challenge is not my problem. because I could =). It is up to the very rotisserie jetgun to save itself and secret doors to open ..
Now hold on I don't mean no disrespect, I certainly don't mean to be negative.

I'm letting you know there are bugs, as a player and you being the creator I'm letting you know this. It can and should be fixed, the comments I leave will help you so you know what is wrong.

"Almost always your comments are negative" - The last comment I left you and it was the only comment I have EVER left you apart from this thread is when I told you of another bug, to where I couldn't build a wonder weapon on your "Cold Tower" map. THAT IS NOT NEGATIVE IT'S FEEDBACK.

However your not the first mapper to target me and say I'm negative when I try and tell you what's wrong, happens all the time.
8 days ago
So im planning to begin making maps with a friend of mine (can't remember his name right off)

Your making a map with a friend and don't know his name? Anyway welcome to the community :)Hope I get to play your map one day!
9 days ago
Throw reshade in the trash and keep T4M :)
9 days ago
Wait a minute I didn't know I was a "Beta tester" I only played it with the boys?
9 days ago
Sticking to zombies
Napalm zombie restarts entire game
jagged clips instead of smooth clips
Zombie pathing broken in each window
Many more bugs not worth typing out

Don't release shit unless properly tested bro, trying to be respectful as hell here but how you expect people to NOT complain about this map
9 days ago
I don't think people edit vanilla maps, unless they are lazy copycat dickheads
10 days ago
Thnaks dude, that's helpful, I think the invisible zombies is due to a bug in Gersh device, but that 5 second freeze you experienced earlier is a bad script loop. It's very odd and will take time to find out, and no worries, I'd be pissed too after 52 minutes lol
Nah man that was a dick move on my end, but appreciate you looking into it for real. I'll have to redeem myself :dark_beer_parrot:
3 weeks ago
My boy Gympie be working hard! :D
3 weeks ago
Thanks, will take a look at these, out of interest what's your GPU?
3070 on the one I was playing on, also on my hand dude I was a bit harsh and I'll remove some comments off the YT section. Was a bit salty as in the playthorugh it was my 4th try. At the end of the day I'm happy your fixing it :) @smasher248
3 weeks ago

Had alot of fun playing this mod, finally a map that I can enjoy!. Loads of bosses and also the drop rate in this map is 5/5


Also a big thank you to @shippuden1592 for the map
 -:)Ave Satanna
3 weeks ago
Other than invisible zombies what other bugs did you come across?
Hey @smasher248 was trying to reach you, think you left the server, the other things were the freezing. It usually happened when I was spamming guns or there was alot of action. The freezing happened around 30ish times in the 7 - 10 playthroughs I done (This is one of the shorter playthroughs I done) and it was a long freeze like 10 seconds sometimes and it felt like the game crashed.

The invisible zombies also either left a "barrier" or it's the clipping of the map but I got stuck during the end...I don't know what this was but it seemed like a solid object. It happened after the zombies turned invisible so I don't know what it could have been.

There was a starting error which I took a screenshot of "Error WeapClass in weapon info zombie bullet stand for misc turret must be turret"

These were pretty consistant aswell which is why I'm salty as hell.
3 weeks ago

Loads of bugs, died to some invisible zombies...Just don't.
4 weeks ago
Congrats on your release! :)

I think you forgot to credit me?
This is unfathomable, very sad day :(
4 weeks ago
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