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Messages - Ahvay

I really love this map, recommended 10/10 <3
2 years ago

Hey all! Hope you all are enjoying the series, this is Verruckt this week it's actually one of the shorter 5 details but actually took me around 2 weeks to create so a lot of love went into this one, if you know anything that I may have missed please let me know by commenting here on UGX forum or by leaving a comment on YouTube, thank you!
2 years ago

Hey UGX! this is basically a follow up to my Der Riese video where I take a closer look into the maps of World at War, it's supposed to be a informative video so I hope you learn something :)Maybe you can also share something I may have missed!
2 years ago

little bit of a side project that I've wanted to do for a while :)
2 years ago
I think I joined these forums...3 - 4 years ago? I'm not quite sure when I joined but I do remember coming over to UGX because UGX had a better layout than other websites I'm talking directly to you Zombie Modding ;).  + UGX kept up maintainence with broken zombie map files LOL. I believe there was a time where UGX also didn't require a account for downloading files, which was another reason why I didn't join officially alot sooner.
Man big shout outs to UGX, to all the modders and scripters. The community here is just crazy. I've known some of you for YEARS like we've all grown up together in a way. I must say this community helped me get over my mothers passing in a way, getting busy with the boys and killing zombies, creating shitty YouTube content and having these people by your side helped quite a bit. So, I can't help but thank all of you <3
Special Mentions:
Gympie; My boy I'm still rocking the VICE
Lightning; Brother on the other side of the world
NG; Memist dankist modder
Chasr34; Don't come to school tomorrow (I had to)
CptJohnson; Detail my
BEAR; Maps make me sweat
MidgetBlaster; Hair you could die for
Cristian; Doing shit others wouldn't dare think of
Delta; For changing my UGX Password
Numan; Helping me mod my own maps
Many many others, but just to name a few peeps.
Thanks to all who keep this website alive, to the founders and moderators.
Happy 10 Years UGX community!
2 years ago

Hey! I'm back and I want to share some gameplay of me and my friend Zord playing some Black ops 3 custom zombies, I hope this puts at least a little smile on your face :)
2 years ago
@smasher248 person creates acc, uploads this then leaves...May aswell delete topic.
3 years ago

Hey Hey all, Hope this finds you well and I hope that this new video release at least put's a smile on your dial. This is Zombie realism a custom zombie mod for World at War, I play this mod with my good friend Chasr34 and we just F around as usual :D
3 years ago
how do i defeat the lightning boss ive been trying to kill it for hours. ive built the staff and it just keeps following me. would be a great map if it werent for that
knife it? I'm guessing it's the avagadro?  
3 years ago
My boy CPT coming out with a BANGER. Download, Download, Download.
3 years ago
Take the console out of the map. Was a pretty cool EE. Average EE enjoyer :)
EDIT: If your trying to find the power switch, and you have already brought the first door (The door that locks you away from spawn) you have to restart as you've been jebaited and cannot continue the map. Power switch is in spawn, as soon as you get out of the water area leading to the first buyable door on the dirt ramp :)
Bugs found during playing solo:
Invisible Panzer
Panzer Spawning mid movement
Panzers standing still
When downed solo you can sprint while downed (If you were already sprinting before being downed)
I'm going to take in that the player model are features as you say something about this being a "dream" or something?
Invisible that there is a feature that you cannot see
PaP Machine appears broken, stretched model. edit - all machines break and stretch
Walls are glitched out (Pink stuttering textures)
DAD COLA doesn't work - It works sometimes not all the time
Random visual bugs (Black stretched texutres, Walls appearing infront of player suddenly, skybox glitches)
Perks don't show amount to buy the perk
3 years ago
I am sad we have another uninspirational box map. :(
Congrats with your release.
don't listen to Gympie, this map is the best map released this year...
3 years ago
i dont think anyone has created a map like this, upvoted :)

Double Post Merge: November 22, 2021, 03:22:52 pm
release britnas box map 2 please!

Double Post Merge: November 22, 2021, 03:35:19 pm
sadly no dogs spawn so i can't pass round 5 :(
3 years ago

Hey all, this is one of the older custom zombie maps "Der Flur" created by  "Jeffrey".
To be very honest with this one people, @chasr34 and I were chilling and we were NOT aiming to beat this map our aim was to chill...See what happens :shuffle_further_parrot:
3 years ago
I know you probably hate me and don't want feedback HOWEVER
1. Upgraded pistol doesn't work
2. Zombie pathing stops working close to edges
3. Boss zombies can hit you off the map (If this is a feature then apologies)
4. Sometimes buyables don't work (Buyable debris, Guns)
5. You respawn without a gun
Just a few things I have found.
3 years ago
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