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Hey there bud, I just want to see some screenshots so I can see what I'm downloading
18 days ago

In this video I attempt to beat Acension on round 50, This did take me a long time to edit so the delay was hardcore :)
19 days ago

- Wanna play some minecraft?!
24 days ago

In this video I attempt to beat Far Away Christmas 2 DLC for World At War :)
29 days ago
I know I'll be giving this a go in the future!

- Thanks Gogeta! <3
33 days ago

In this video I attempt to beat 2020 Zombies Map, a Custom Zombie Mod for Call Of Duty: World at War. Ahhh, I have no words to say…its quite unique :/
33 days ago

In this video I attempt to beat Snowy, a Custom Zombie Mod for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. Not only are we playing through “Snowy” but we have also loaded a mod called “ZM Black ops 1 weapon mod” which adds Black Ops 1 weapons to Black Ops 3, there is a lot more features in the mod so make sure to check it out!
38 days ago
Maybe you clicked alot of custom mods for download and they havent downloaded, wait for them to download and install then everything should be fine
39 days ago
Install the ugx map installer, download a map, map should install just fine
39 days ago
In this video I complete the Sky Garden Challenge and build every single buildable while collecting souls around the map - This is a awesome mod!
39 days ago
Listen, I ain't no mapper or modder but I do know this. Links and stuff like that dissappear all the damn time, I don't kniow why but they do and thats that. Best thing you could do is contact someone who has the files or to contact the creator

- Hope this helps
43 days ago

This is the full guide to Xdferpcs map "Mario Kart" for Black ops 3, 

NOTE: This is the updated version, before this map it was similar but didnt have a EE to go with it and the zombies were just regular old zombies

 - Enjoy :)
43 days ago

- Lots and Lots of staffs :)
44 days ago


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