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I thought of a good longplay as sometimes I like to leave the raw footage, this is a longplay of Bunker Lab zombies.. Enjoy :)
2 days ago

Really awesome mod right here, I didn't explore the whole map (I'll leave it for yall :)) but there is a to more content here! Download link is in the videos description.
10 days ago

Think I've played this map a little too much, soo many remakes, soo many remasters...this is created by the original modder/creator that started it all, Ping.
15 days ago

This is a really fast paced mod, I believe this mod has been sped up by like 2x even your own npc is faster. XDferpc is probably one of my favorite modders as we speak :)
21 days ago
HOW  DO I INSTALL (im new to modding and really want to play this) I CANT FIND ANY TUTORIALS PLEASE SOMBODY LINK ME TO A TUTORIAL!!!
 I'm sure if you looked up "Black ops 1 custom map installation" it would pop up with like a million results for you to choose from....
25 days ago

This mod is actually quite fun I'm not going to lie here, It's cool to see the creatiity put into it with the dimensional teleporters which send you to another island :)
25 days ago

Little bit of a tight challenge here, I bring you "The Re - Visit to the Noodle Cup Challenge"

I also did a video playthrough on the original map here:
28 days ago

I felt like returning to my true editing in this one, I wasn't feeling the music no more :)- 10 mins for a zombie map? Lets get it
44 days ago
Hey there people, Ave here. I am a smaller YouTuber and I'm looking for some people to play with, I currently have an idea and need to find more people who are interested in beating some challenges with me - If you would like to tag along your welcome to flick me a message on UGX :) - Streamers and YouTubers are more than welcome as I am open to Collabs! :)
48 days ago
In my opinion I hate the Black ops 3 weapons because they are too damn futuristic, if it was my map I would add modern warefare weapons, and black ops 1, 2 weapons. Anything else just add older call of duty weapons like WaW, Cod 1, 2 ect
49 days ago
Every link youve posted and every photo is broken, please fix brother :) :) :)
59 days ago

Clash Royale Custom Zombie Mod for Black Ops 3 :*
59 days ago


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