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enjoy the map, it's interesting but there are a few things about the map i can't figure out even after a few games of this map

1. what are the purpose of the golden doors? how do you open them?
2. the staffs. i've played this map twice for several hours in those two sessi...
97 days ago
Whoeeps I totally forgot to change that, play it until it's gone..
lol you are going to fix that right? 
356 days ago
uhhh.... for some reason you start with 50000000000 points
356 days ago
Amazing, I have completed Kotor 1 like 11 times with mods and without. Also completed Kotor 2 a few times :)
LOL, you and I both 
356 days ago
Yeh man it is true! One of my most favorite games of all time!
Amen, brother. Funnily enough, I've recently been covering mods for KOTOR. 
357 days ago
Just booted up the map, got through the first round and I was listening to the end round and start round music and I'm thinking: "Did the modder use music from knights of the old republic for their endround and roundstart music? If so: awesome"

because i recognize the music...
357 days ago


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