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This aint even a joke, i died quite weirdly in this playthrough but its always good to revisit a classic map. I think the dogs thought it was actual april fools and trolled me on this one, and on a serious note i had researc...
13 hours ago

I had seen this kid playing this map and i really felt his pain, it was quite hard and i thought he just couldnt play properly...until i tried and dang this really kicks you - give it a try! :)- cheers t...
1 day ago

Just a quick thank you :)
5 days ago

This was a really awesome zombies challenge map, its small and tight (thats what she said) and really really awesome. First of all that ppsh on the wall actually has sound! i HATE it when MAPS have no PPSH sound!, keep your ...
6 days ago

So yeah, falling through the floor isnt cool - i dont know if this is intended to troll people as it only happens when i get perks so i played this without any perks, also there are zombies which cant walk towards me....ther...
9 days ago


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