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I picked up a full time job this summer so my time is limited but I'm still steadily working
1202 days ago
So This is still an active WIP correct?

please be active still
1254 days ago
Quick update as the lower region of the map is mostly done. It will look much better once I put some FX around.
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)

Throw some high intensity light blue lights under the glass where the water is  :rainbow:
1254 days ago
Sorry, this map is taking longer that expected, as after 4 months of Ray doing nothing, he needs some more "me time"

(Image removed from quote.)

firing shots @ the Ray man
1255 days ago
There are destructible glass models in WAW though? Either way that's hardly a major reason to up sticks to BO1 at this late stage ;D

In WAW there are 4 increasingly damaged glass pane models that swap at different damage amounts, accompanied by an sound and a glass breaking FX.
1256 days ago
Can't wait to get ahold of this thing!
1256 days ago
Hey guys!

I've been seeing a lot lately about Black Ops Radiantbeing available and useable now. What are the benefits of using the Black Ops tools as opposed to the WAW tools? Was there that much improvement?
1258 days ago
ETA on a release? I keep going through the screenshots over and over, I'm ready to play this thing.
1258 days ago
Looking better and better :rainbow:

Can't wait to see what's next
1258 days ago
Nice, will it print the guns? or just act as a vessel for the guns to appear outta nowhere?

I can only do so much, but I'm working on this currently actually.
5/10 not enough lens flares.

Love the 3D printer though


Double Post Merge: May 09, 2016, 05:05:00 am
have a gif:
1258 days ago
All I can imagine is Sean Connery trying to say "Paris".
1258 days ago
Im thinking this may be a problem with your modtools installation
1259 days ago
You made an error when converting the textures used on the models. I'm not a big modder myself but that semi transparent look is indicative of blend textures being used on models, in my experience.
1259 days ago
I would bet its a combination of graphics settings, as opposed to the vision file.
1259 days ago


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