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Hey guys!

I've been seeing a lot lately about Black Ops Radiantbeing available and useable now. What are the benefits of using the Black Ops tools as opposed to the WAW tools? Was there that much improvement?
1595 days ago
I've recently been adding coronas to my map. Is there anyway to avoid the nasty, jerking, "popping in" of the coronas once you enter the corona radius? I've tried increasing the radius to massive proportions which did not help.
1596 days ago
Is there any way to speed up launcher compiles? Is there any way to give it high priority or allocate more memory to it?
1610 days ago
I have a custom texture that I am using on a floor brush. On top of this brush I would like to add a native WAW blend texture. To do this I made a simple terrain patch and moved it a miniscule amount above the floor and proceeded to paint my blend. I tried to do faces to terrain but I needed more verts to manipulate. When I compiled I got a bunch of errors regarding things needing to be aligned, and in game all of the blended areas simply showed up as transparent, whereas in Radiant they look proper. How do I add blends to brushes?
1650 days ago
I was hoping to get a better idea of what the community likes in terms of their Easter Eggs. I've been planning out the egg for my map and I'm torn between making an egg that is legitimately difficult and complex and a challenge to figure out or one that is not as challenging and easier to complete.

Personally, I prefer Easter Eggs that need to be discovered and are hidden accordingly. But I realize that this may just be annoying to people and thus just not worth the effort. Thoughts?

1672 days ago
I'm looking to use Tom's image mover as I am current using a large amount of custom models in my map and I would like to expedite the process of finding the images I need to compile. Tom's program asks for a CSV or an asset list of some sort and I'm having trouble finding one.

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Im a fool, its in the readme file.
1676 days ago
I'm aware of Tom's iPak tool, but not of anything for xpaks yet?
1676 days ago
I'm fairly sure there was a way to port black ops textures. I cannot seem to remember how to do so and I was hoping someone else could remind me. I own the game and have installed the mod tools and I need a few specific textures.
1677 days ago
Does anyone have any texturing tips? I, and I assume many others, strive to produce a map that looks pleasing and detailed. Are there any common texturing rules/tips/conventions that are used? Examples of such may be a specific wall texturing pattern i.e. trim, wall, moulding something. I'm not quite sure where to start when making buildings and interior walls look realistic. Thanks in advance!
1679 days ago
I was wondering if there was anyway to devote more memory to or just generally speed up the compiler.
1714 days ago
trying to open up my map and receiving this error followed by a crashing radiant. I searched the file for #IND and #QNAN and found none to remove. Any help?
1718 days ago
So I have a massive library of custom models. However, their assets are not separated by model, but rather lumped all together in an image, xmodel, materials, xmodelparts, and xmodelsurfs folders. Is there any easy way to load an xmodel and see which assets its using so I can organize and categorize them?
1719 days ago

7/27: Work is continuing however I am waiting to fully detail an area before posting more screenshots, thanks for the understanding!

The country was always where you felt the most comfortable. The hot sun and an open field satisfied you like nowhere else. By most estimates the epidemic should have been cured years ago. As you watched news station after news station come off the air, you realized the eventual truth: the plague would not stop until every life had been claimed. While the cities near to you remained intact, you planned for this future. You've put measures in place, made arrangements. The day to take advantage of your planning has come. It's time to enter your VAULT.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1909 days ago
I'm still fairly new here but based on the turnout for the other ones I think a new one would be a good time. Any thoughts?
1914 days ago

It appears around all selected brushes and is a huge pain, does anyone know how to get rid of it?
1914 days ago


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