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you forgot to remove 500000 points so it could be 500 some weapons doesnt have any sounds and the m14 as the reloading of the m1 i think this is just somethings unfinished you can get tombstone on solo and it just get you back to life when you die but you wont have any weapons except the m1911 and you wont have any perks if you switch to your other weapon that you already have the satchel charge will disappear and you wont have it anymore and it will break mulekick so you wont and cant have a third weapon and the map over time gets slower and more laggy as time passes until the game stop responding and crash dont know if thats just my pc or because my game is cracked also normally cracked waw would only do problems with t4m maps
What breaks mule kick exactly? and the satchel charge is a wip so if you get it in the box, ignore it. Tombstone is supposed to be in solo, if you go down, you can go back to where you died and pick up your stuff again.
788 days ago
As promised, here is the spawn demo!

Please note, I have not been able to test in co-op. If you do, please let me know any bugs you find as well as in solo.

Also, Don't pick up the satchel charge from the box! It's broken at the moment and not to be used.

Below is where the Summoning Key is located, there is no model for it at the moment.


788 days ago
Update 9/1/2018
There will be a spawn demo released on September 3rd, 2018 for all to play.

Note: The demo is not going to be perfect. Don't expect it to be perfect. Any bugs you may find, please report them to me. The mod has not been co-op tested yet. If there are any game-breaking bugs in co-op I find before September 3rd. I will list them in the Demo Release.

New Features:
  • Sliquifier Added
  • Completely Rescripted Buildables
  • WIP Perk System (Not featured in Demo)
790 days ago
You need to be logged in online with to run the game
Really? well darn, I was talkin about console since my pc isn't good enough, but thanks for the heads up.
806 days ago
I wish I could try it before paying alot of money.  For PC, it will be only through Steam, and Im reluctent to pay for a game without trying a demo from Steam with how they stole a good bit of money from me in the past.  And I dont want to pay $1000+ for a console, game, and online services.  I just know BO4 will be online only too.
How would Black Ops 4 be Online only? It's definitely offline as well, add bots in Multiplayer, or play with AI in Zombies (Like Jason said in the reveal), or just play zombies by yourself. We don't know much about Blackout, but there could be bots in that as well.
806 days ago
Lake Michigan 2.0

Lake Michigan 2.0 is a full "remake" of my Lake Michigan map which was released about 4 years ago. It's set on the 5th of July, the night after Independence Day! Trash has been thrown around everywhere and a familiar face gets locked up by security! Our four heroes were at the Lake for the fireworks show but wake up to a land infested with the undead after mistakenly becoming cursed and marked by the beast. The cause is unknown and our heroes need to find a way to escape before the undead take over and they are cursed forever.

Features List:
  • Shadows of Evil Styled Beast Mode
  • Shadows of Evil Rituals
  • "Buried" Weapon Chalks
  • Arthur from "Buried" - Huge Thanks to AllMoDs
  • BO2 Buildables
  • Harry's Perks
  • Black Ops 1 Weapons
  • More To Come

Spawn Demo Video:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Before Power Images:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

After Power Images:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


Update: September 1st, 2018
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

A Spawn Demo Is Coming Very Soon
811 days ago
oh. thanks for clarifying about Heist. I still dont know about the punishment though as it happens when I load too slow on the other gamemodes, that could be a bug.

TBH zombies is pretty generous as the last time we had more than one on disk map was Black ops 1 (not counting the survival maps on tranzit BO2), I wont be angry if the DLC season (+ the Potential Zombie chronicles 2) turns out good.
I guess I'll give it another try tomorrow.
No problem, and it’s definitely a bug. I sometimes spawn late and sometimes don’t. Also, you can change your specialist throughout the match if you’d like to (not heist since specialists are not important). The only thing I’m super hyped for is Classified because I loved the challenge of “Five” and I want that challenge again!
811 days ago
You can replace your specialist ability with frags, throwing knifes, etc. And in my opinion, after the first week of the beta, I got bored after the first night and I didn't play the rest of the weekend. Now that the second week has come around, the new Heist mode has me wanting more. I think it's best to play with friends so you have a team to communicate locations and such to thrive and win. It's a very good strategic gamemode.

Yes that's a positive, and here are the negatives. TDM is just straight up boring along with the maps (IMO). The maps don't excite me like say the modern warfare series or BO1, BO2. I like busting into office buildings, and fighting in places that have some familiarity. These maps just all feel the same. Outsides and a middle. I wish we could have some of the remastered maps in the beta so I could have some fun with those but these maps just don't do it for me.

Hopefully the Blackout Beta shows something exciting or I feel ripped off. I know I bought the game just for zombies, but if I'm paying $100 just to play 4 zombies maps, that's a rip off. I want excitement, and right now, I only have a gamemode and No maps. Come on 3arc. Show me something.

Double Post Merge: August 11, 2018, 03:38:17 am
Next came heist, which was a mega letdown as once again I was put on the losing team. this time though, I was lagging because the map we chose took too long to load, so I didn't get to choose my specialist nor my classes, and instead was "punished" by spawning in with a shitty pistol (with only one clip I may add) while everyone else spawned in with their classes.
In Heist, everyone spawns in with the default pistol unless they want to purchase the revolver, those are the only options you have at the start unless you join mid-game.
812 days ago
I'm trying to create a custom friendly ai (I have ported over the models and anims already into waw as well as the character and aitype) but I'm stuck as to how to get the ai's anims to work and how to get the ai to move. For the moment, I just want the ai to follow a set path. If anyone can help, that would be great!
832 days ago
Update: it only gives me the hacker when in devmode? Any ideas? :)
1245 days ago
Hello, I am having problems with a alternate weapon (Hacker Device from Moon) in world at war. I have precached the weapon with:
PrecacheItem( "moon_hacker" );
and gave the player the weapon in the hacker function:
self waittill("trigger", player);
if(level.hackerTaken == true)
wait 1;
player iPrintLnBold("Lost PES");
player.hasPES = false;
player.hasHacker = true;
self setHintString(" ");
level.hackerTaken = true;
player giveweapon("moon_hacker");
player setactionslot(1,"weapon","moon_hacker");
player setweaponammostock("moon_hacker", 1);
but in game, after pressing the trigger, it gives me the hud and says press "[DUP or X]" but when I press X, it says, "calling an even on an unregistered weapon. Make sure that the weapon has been precached."

Any help is appreciated :)
1247 days ago
UPDATE: I tried something new inside of audacity and now when converting the sound file, launcher says:
"ERROR: during encoding D:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\sound_assets\raw\sound\vox_plr_0_level_start_0.wav Bad file format"

Double Post Merge: May 30, 2017, 05:33:17 am
Apparently regular sounds (weapon, music, ambient, etc.) are different than character sounds. I fixed this all by changing the sound export in audacity from unsigned 8 bit pcm to signed 16 bit pcm!
1250 days ago
I'm trying to change character sounds and I'm testing with just one sound for right now (JFK's Level Start Quote). I've followed many custom sound tutorials but they all don't seem to work.. (When I use Build Sound in Launcher, the "converted" sound never shows up in raw/sound..) I change it to 44100Hz in Audacity and export audio as an uncompressed 8-bit PCM; then I place the sound in mapname/sound/ and sound_assets/Raw/sound/ then made a new soundalias with the same name of a Dempsey level start.
name,platform,file,sequence,vol_min,vol_max,dist_min,dist_max,limit_count,limit_type,entity_limit_count,entity_limit_type,bus,volume_min_falloff_curve,volumefalloffcurve,reverb_send,dist_reverb_max,reverb_min_falloff_curve,reverb_falloff_curve,pitch_min,pitch_max,randomize_type,spatialized,type,probability,loop,masterslave,loadspec,subtitle,compression,secondaryaliasname,chainaliasname,startdelay,speakermap,lfe percentage,center percentage,envelop_min,envelop_max,envelop percentage,occlusion_level,occlusion_wet_dry,real_delay,distance_lpf,move_type,move_time,min_priority,max_priority,min_priority_threshold,max_priority_threshold,subtitle
Then place the soundalias in my mod.csv as:
Then tick build mod.ff and build sound:
Copying  D:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\mods\zc_pentagon\mod.csv
     to  D:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\zone_source\mod.csv

FILES: 18499
ERRORS: 20941
Then I check raw/sound/ and don't see the converted sound file.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)
1251 days ago
Welcome! Have a great time in the community!
1376 days ago
I don't know why but getEntArray it wasn't working? I guess I did something wrong but it's working fine now.
1686 days ago


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