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Messages - Basil Bonehead

Here's an interesting idea for the map: similar to the custom map Ottawa, there should be special random boxes in certain areas. In Ottawa there are 3 types of random boxes but unlike Ottawa, Nightmare should have special random boxes that do something this this...

Example: In the world at war areas there's a box the supplies world at war guns, in the black ops areas there's a black ops weapons box, and the same idea for the BO2 and BO3 areas
8 years ago
It is not glitched, if you've watched the relaxing or lex video this is not a good thing because I changed the way of the EE.

then what's changed between that version and the final version?
8 years ago
Think EE has glitched out on me. Used the panel that gets revealed in spawn which should unlock the panel to pay for unlocking the plane but it's not done anything. I used the panel in spawn, got 1 line of text printed on screen and the plane/power panel say the system is not initialized.

I'm also having the same problem, the final part of the easter egg is glitched
8 years ago
question, what's the version of the black ops Damned remix that you used? it's really catchy  ;D :D
9 years ago
In the original post, it said its going to be like the origins tank, we can use it, but not required.

understandable, plus the idea i thought would be a bit complicated and hard to pull off.
9 years ago
I don't know if this was brought up: how about we can pay for the bus to leave instead of it leaving after a few minutes and call for it if it's somewhere else on the map, something similar to ascension with the lunar lander
9 years ago
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