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When was the last time T4M was updated?
2 years ago
to fix that problem, u need to download t4m and lower the texture quality in the texture settings for it to work
to get specific, anything from high and lower works. No idea why extra causes the game to crash. ...
2 years ago
Are there any settings that need to be configured? I tried playing this map by turning the graphics down to high and the map still had framerate issues to the point of the game crashing.
EDIT: I think everything is working fine now
EDIT 2: just trying to do the easter egg and...
2 years ago
Thanks for playing, im currently working on field upgrades from cold war zombies so thats why theres a hud there. im trying to fuigure out how "tablelookup" functions works so that a stat selection stays pr...
3 years ago
this mod seems promising, just wanted to inform you that air base has some spawning issues, some zombies just stand there
also, what the plan for the new menu features for the mod?
that and the ability button at the bottom of the HUD in game?
3 years ago
This is a box map and  623MB?  Is this a joke?
I just tried out that map, no it is not
4 years ago
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