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Looks really good man, can't wait for release of this.
1378 days ago
Been watching this one on twitter, very nice to see a Dev in community putting up quality content.
1378 days ago
Jammy this map was very well done, completed ee on coop round 16. Map was pretty challenging until you learned layout. Easter Egg was pretty good also. Overall very well done.

P>S If you could bring this to Black Ops 3 it would look amazing.
1445 days ago
For some reason, after compiling map I transferred over from Black Ops 3 my map is not showing in game except a railing I put in from models. Weird part tho is my map is definitely loaded because I am walking in it but can't see it
1449 days ago
Still awaiting more invites, but seems they want best of the best. Only way in is to be popular on twitter or be refereed by a current tester. Hope I can join up in open beta. I think my skill set is only amateur but good luck to the ones that are in.
1503 days ago
Excited to give this try tonight and upload gameplay. This could contend with Der Herrenhaus for level of detail
1552 days ago
Decent map, wish there could of been more effort put into detail. If this map would of been considered for more time, it could of been better. I did play to certain round where I got suck in a hole, zombies didn't die = Suicide.
1577 days ago
Finally got map working and been grinding out ee, we couldn't find fourth but assume it's by falling together down hole to get final seal. Neverless gg on 19.
1586 days ago
After many try, still having trouble with map. Many Recording scrapped either due to texture glitches or restarts due to lack of players not able to connect to many trys cause boss is op as hell lol. Overall excellent map, especially for first map, and will have video up once we complete it.
1587 days ago
The map was very unplayable for me, I have to wait until update around t4 mod.
1588 days ago
Will give a playthrough here on stream in a minute
1617 days ago
I seem to be having texture issues big time, guns not loading in etc.
1648 days ago
Superb job man, my gameplay is up for it. Really enjoyed although we could not figure out how to beat lol
1659 days ago
Yeh I don't think ZK will read this or care. He just seems to dump his maps here and leave them without providing any support or even posting anything other than the OP. Obviously a very busy man. ::)
He is actually very busy, and does care about his map. He will address issues when he has a chance. He does go to college and is his main priority. During testing he emphasized testing, but as you see issues have appeared that us the testing team has not found. 
1681 days ago
It looks awesome but I have a problem. When I first started the map I had those crazy texture bugs that seem to come from specular map being on. So I turned it off and now every time I launch the map in solo the game crashes to desktop. Anyone know what I should do?
Try lowering your quality, turn off sync every frame. Turn down settings overall
1702 days ago


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