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Messages - NascarFanatic24

Thanks once again you guys for taking a look at our review. I do hope you enjoyed, also on a side note you guys put me up at 200 but just this morning lost it but oh well. Thanks again guys in advance.

If you have yet to see review you can check it out here at my channel:
11 years ago

I am known by "Trickser24", I am pleased to announce that part 2 of our review will be going up shortly. I am just rendering out the final video now. The videos are long, I know trust me, but I do still think that the videos are well produced. I honestly think you guys will like what is talked about in this upcoming one.

Very pleased to see the amount of positive feedback that we have received on the YouTube side of things. We appreciate that and hope you enjoy the final part 2.

Please if you have not already, go and donate to these guys and on the way hit a vote for the mod of the year for them.


Trickser24 & Deathbringerzen
11 years ago
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