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Topics - NascarFanatic24

For some reason, after compiling map I transferred over from Black Ops 3 my map is not showing in game except a railing I put in from models. Weird part tho is my map is definitely loaded because I am walking in it but can't see it
8 years ago

I am Nascarfanatic24, and I wanted state my stance about cyber insults/ immaturity. It has been coming to my attention that most of community is here to hurt each other in some way either by stealing of assets (Without Permission), donating to get a map, virus given to people, attitude, immaturity, ddos threats, bashing, and overall stupid people.

This is a community that people should come to have fun, a lot of mappers takes there time to bring there ideas to the table for others in the community to play and have fun. But no, it's about how bad a person is, or there map is. That is not how this community should be.

I am very happy UGX is taking steps forward to eliminate those members who don't care about any thing they say or do within the community.

Example: I had buddy join UGX Team Speak, and utterly was disrespected greatly for his mapping and anything else childlike.

One that is stupid, and pointless. This individual is taking there time between college and work to create content for the community and all people want to do is bash. One thing: Group Up.

Those are my opinions! Glad UGX staff is working to resolve these issues.
9 years ago
I am streaming Bo3 now,

If you redeemed on site, wait for email.

If you pre-ordered on console, you can download now.
9 years ago

I would like to let the UGX community know about my second map project called "Eloise Asylum". I just started this map recently within last two weeks. My first map was, Legacy, released back in September 2014.


[/color]New Video as of 12:03 a.m 10/29/2015 [/color]

! No longer available

Most of the details about map are answered here:

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS TOPIC, cause I will be updating throughout it's progress.

Estimated release: 7-12 months.

Double Post Merge: August 14, 2015, 01:53:45 am
Also, note: I stream everything about this map almost everyday live at my twitch channel
9 years ago
Tonight at 7:30 p.m EST, ZK mapper of Cheese Cube: Unlimited, CheeseCube, Prison Mission and others will be stopping by for a Q&A session. If you have questions about his maps or how he makes them feel free to stop by.

Also, I heard a dream may be talked about #MalibuDrive

Double Post Merge: July 30, 2015, 11:38:26 pm
We are live!
9 years ago
Highlight from my stream tonight, I thought you would laugh at guys!
9 years ago
As the time approaches closer to the the next Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare DLC #2, @CallofDuty has been leaking info on story along with new images!

Here is what we got:

Fuck Me!

Audio Quote:

What do you think?

The map does look alot bigger and more than just a basic zombie experience. I been a fan since it released, I really like the exo abilities and stuff. I really hate emz's tho lol

9 years ago
If you like to see how Leviathan is done, please make sure to watch either now, or catch this video of it:

Hope this helps!!

If you need help with ee or anything, feel free to message me via @Nascarfanatc24 on twitter or here via PM.
9 years ago
If you do not know me already, I am Nascar from Nascarfanatic24 on twitch. I will be playing alot more custom again and at end of week or month, I will vote a on which map I felt did the best. No reward, except that of bragging rights.

If you like to see your map displayed on my channel just check it out here:

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago

I do plan to make another map, don't know when. Maze of circles still be the map, or might do another. I lost my pc hdd recently so getting back to mapping has been hard. I would have to relearn everything

So what would you like to see?
9 years ago


Legacy, is my first custom zombies map to be released. I have spent numerous amount of hours struggling and learning to finally get this map to the way I wanted it. The project lasted up to 8 months. I had numerous amount of people from the community that helped with general and advanced mapping questions.



The map sets place in a old warn down part of the words in the middle of nowhere, where you are on a quest to help figure out this house secrets. You are helping a grandson (Alex) find out his grandpa secrets (Grandpa Paul) that have been hidden for many years. You will soon figure out why this is so important of you to figure these secrets out.

Map Design

When mapping this map I spent numerous hour trying to figure out this maps layout, not only will you have to figure out the Easter Egg. You will half to figure out how to navigate around the map. When designing this map, I focused on game play and look of the map before features the some small time mappers do a lot. The map features the opportunities for the play to camp, train, tight train, and have some fun but not raping tight quarter action.


Sorry, due to some weapons not working. I had to remove alot of added custom weapons. The map only features World at War stock weapons. When UGX mod 1.1 releases, I will re-release map with the mod to have all the weapons that they added in the mod.

Map Features

-Unique game play
-Call of Duty: Online Mystery Box (Modified)
-Boss Zombie
-Small music EE
-Easter Egg
-4 basic perks
-Buyable ending w/twist
-Soul chest (modified w/twist)
-Ugx jukebox (not in map)
-Map secrets
-Map discovery
-Jump Scare
-Multi-level action

and few more......

Keep in mind this is my first map and any bad negative feedback will not be replied to. Only constructive feedback.

Here are some pics:

Will put more soon!

Here is the launch trailer

Attention YouTuber/Streamers

The map features copyrighted music and also a audio quote. They are all on music track. To fix it, leave off the music during load screen and then turn it back on until after power. After that you will not need music on.


RaginCroissant- Pony Swag
Soundgarden- Spoonman
The chain gang of 1974- Sleepwalking

Main screen:

Approaching Nirvana- Fission (Able to be used on YouTube)

      Credit's List

First off, thanks to everyone who helped with the project. With that in mind I had a lot of people help with the map, so when I put list below if your not there please pm me. DON"T POST ON THREAD. Thanks

ZK- Scripts and many general mapping question
Jbird- Some scripting help and mapping quesitons
AwesomePieMan- General mapping help
Load screen, guns, trailer, and general help
HdKenny- Help with detail around various parts of the map, and some scripting help
Nukem- Scripting help
Zct Chaos- Gneral mapping and testing help.
Fatkidlov3cake- For walking me through on how to work mapping tools and tips and all around big help.
TheScotchGuy- Tons of help with mapping, help with detailing and blending.
Deadra_ Mapping and scripting help
Astro- Map loading screen and camo'screen
Gunoftruth- Access to cod online and helpful tutorial
Equiinox- Custom Jug Skin
MrSlagovich- Testing/beta testing
n123q45= Scripting, uv mapping for cod online box, general mapping questions
blutstuffy- Helpful tutorial and scripts for cod online box
Steviewonder- General help and testing
Chromastone= general mapping help
Dr.lilrobot- Testing and feedback.
potz- testing
Radical ROm - testing
Zeroairsoft- testing
progamers- tseting
RaginCroissant- Recommendations/testing
Redspace- Scipts and general help and also the boss zombie is his.
Victor- Testing
- testing
Treminaor_ General help and main menu code from UGX Mod v1.0.3
SteviewWonder: Help wit cod online box
Ege115- Wrote the whole ee and helped with alot of scripting
Hitmanvere= Beta testing
Johndoe- Beta testing

Please again if I forgot you please PM me, don't post on thread of the release!! Thanks and Enjoy
10 years ago
Well I managed to touch nothing and break radiant again,

Any one know the fix
10 years ago
Final Release Trailer:


(Update) 8/13/14: Have been working on adding ee steps which there are still more to come. Adding more detail, I am not the best but trying, and lighting so that it's not coming from nowhere.

(Update) 7/21/14: Detailing by HdKenny will be in works for about month, then ZK will be helping with ee scripting. Thanks for everyone's help for this map would not be as good with out them.

*UPDATE* Fixed my mod tools. (fixed)


Map will feature the following:
-black ops perks
-No dogs
-EE with radio (More of a discovery type ee with a story)
-Surprise room
-Custom loadscreen
-Custom Menu music
-End game music to go with ee.
-Much more hopefully!
-Will try to add guns from various games but only a few.
-custom textures.

My goal is not to cram to much into my first map. I don't like map that do it so I will not do it.

-Unique buyable ending also, I don't think has been done before.

Legacy is my first map in series of map which I will be telling a story. The map is a old wore down cottage out in the middle of the country-side. As far as story fundamentals go, a little boy is on a quest to find out what his grandpa has been hiding over the years of his childhood.

Let me know what you think.

Current Progress

Left to do: EE, details, other small things.

Let me know what you think, please be helpful in comment not disrespectful.

10 years ago
Tonight as we did last week we will be having a massive skype call while all of us chat.

Jbird, awesomepie, chrome, hexzombies, more


Trem (awaiting), slagovich


Me (nascarfanatic24)

Come join! Only mappers

Starts at 10 pm est.

Add me on skype: Nascarfanatic24
10 years ago
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