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Messages - NascarFanatic24

Nice job, can't wait to play.
9 years ago
Good job dude, I like the look of this map
9 years ago
I think for a scare factor you mentioned a while back, you should add in extra zombies that spawn in a group when you open a door (Similar to one map) or like in berlin bank, you have zombies sprint to the Barriers on a certain early round.
I don't want the map to be annoyance due to the difficulty factor that sprinters will add in a already tight map layout.
9 years ago
Yea noticed that also lol, I work on so many things at once and don't notice lol
9 years ago
I always swap out the video, to put an updated verson.

Here new video with two new buildings and more external basic detail.

Currently still working on laying out all the building then I will finish main building layout.

! No longer available
9 years ago
Update: Still working on lay out and also adding effects for atmosphere. I will be adding ambient effects once lay out is done.

Keep posted here for updates.


New Trailer Above.

Double Post Merge: October 01, 2015, 02:35:45 am

I would like to let the UGX community know about my second map project called "Eloise Asylum". I just started this map recently within last two weeks. My first map was, Legacy, released back in September 2014.


New Video as of 10:34 p.m 9/30/2015

! No longer available

Most of the details about map are answered here:

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS TOPIC, cause I will be updating throughout it's progress.

Estimated release: 7-12 months.

Double Post Merge: August 14, 2015, 01:53:45 am
Also, note: I stream everything about this map almost everyday live at my twitch channel
9 years ago
Excellent map HitMan, all the custom power up, vocals, round changing music etc. All flawless, only issue tho. The easter egg would of been cooler without spending point to get steps that are not really explained. We gave up on finding challenges after we supposedly found two of them (We think). Great map tho, excellent detail etc.

I rate it 8.5/10
9 years ago
About to give it a try tonight, I will let you know what I think.
9 years ago
Idk about jumpscares, but there may be some form of scare or scare tactic.
9 years ago
I am streaming Bo3 now,

If you redeemed on site, wait for email.

If you pre-ordered on console, you can download now.
9 years ago
Custom Weapons: At the moment, I am only focused on design, and detail. Details about weapons will be annouced towards end of production.

Scripting: I will be having a couple people helping, mostly ZK or RedSpace will be helping develop EE and Custom Boss not announced yet.

Beta: Haven't Decided on a beta yet. Since I do stream it every night almost, might as well. Unfortunately, at the moment tho the map has no zombies in it.

Theme: Yes, it will have a creepy (haunted) feel, expressed hopefully by ambient visuals and noises. Maybe little more. As far as fog, I will maybe include.
9 years ago
What type of layout would you like?

-Mixture (Training, and tight areas)

Also here is some updated in game images: (Outside area)




What do you guys think?

9 years ago
Really enjoyed the map, only complaint is all the targets, I got 17 of them. Then just suicided. Took me 16 rounds to find jug, and another round to find power. (Missed power by jug lol)
9 years ago
Thanks man, check the update video if you have not yet. Just started working on outside last night. Also, note, I do stream this almost every night over on my twitch channel.
9 years ago
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