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Messages - MrSlagovich

Casino, hands down one of the best movies ever made. Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro set in the 70's need I say more?
8 years ago
I don't even like that many.
I seen the shame on my parents face when i watched cartoons as a kid, so I can't even imagine how ashamed these peoples parents are.
8 years ago
8 years ago
I am not going to waste my dads money on a game that I doesn't attract me.
Maybe you could waste your own money instead? ;)
8 years ago
Spotted the Greggs wrapper in the bin ;D
Gotta get dem Sausage Rolls bois!
8 years ago
I'm assuming there's more to the xbox than just being there, right?
Funnily enough yes, when i pay for things i tend to use em' boi
8 years ago
Since moving out to go to Uni my setup has change a hefty sum but I'm pretty with what I'm rocking right now.
8 years ago
I believe Delta (one of the admins) has been working on an iOS and Android app for UGX. I may be wrong though.
You are wrong, is working on the launcher.
8 years ago
I got talking about this with some friends and thought hey this is right up the ugxmods alley.
What do you by "right up the ugxmods alley" did you mean to let people know about your idea? or for us to make this? if it's for us to make it that's impossible we don't own the Call of Duty IP.
9 years ago
Bankruptcy :troll:
After that comment your nickname is now savage
9 years ago
 Weezy you've done it again man! another amazing map to come!
9 years ago
Been excited about this map for so long! love the world war 2 theme
9 years ago
15 pages? damn seems like i need to put some time aside to read this.
9 years ago

Also Those who don't watch anime we will convert you into one of us :))

9 years ago
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