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Topics - MrSlagovich

So hey guys just wanted some input, i for one have had it up to here with these two.

GunsOfTruth: lying to people, back stabbing people, harassing people and just being annoying.
Cowman: Wasting trems time, lying and also being annoying.

I simply thought hey maybe other people wanna show their feelings for these two. If you want em' gone then vote.

This is just a poll for me, it doesn't represent the views of the rest of the staff. I just want to see what the opinion of the active memberbase is on these people.
9 years ago
All aboard!!!!!!!!!
10 years ago
Can i has cod aw pls?
10 years ago
Hey there chaps, Andy and I started a Podcast called The Bryan And Andy Show. Thought i would share it on here for people to check out. Let us know what you think! here is a link to episode 1
10 years ago
Hey there chums just thought i would share a image of the poster i won back in Black Ops 1. I won this poster in a competition, the competition was to see who could get to the highest round on Five i got to round 43 it was a group challenge but only one of us got a poster. It glows in the dark slightly this poster was also the reason i only got a C in physics when i was 15 haha, stayed up all night to win this bad boy. I hope one day to get it signed it's my favorite zombies map and it would be cool to have it signed by the people who made it. Anyway here's the picture :)
10 years ago
I didn't chose the Swag life, Trem chose it for me.
10 years ago
Just recently started the whole Steam Trading Card thing it's pretty cool really fun trading and selling them. I thought it would be cool for people to post stuff they want/want rid of. I'm personally trying to get Saint's Row The Third badges and CoD BO2 Zombies badges. I thought this would be a good idea because some people don't have a lot of friends on Steam to trade with and don't wanna have to pay on the market place so i thought trading on here would be easier and have a lot less hassle. Anyway have a nice day chaps and if you have something you wanna put up for trade or want just post it below.
10 years ago
Howdy there chaps so if you have been around for awhile you will have seen alot of Photo shops of me, Done by Myself, treminaor (trem) and W1NG3D. There is now a movie done by trem featuring the great MrSlagovich, here it is
10 years ago
The recording date for this event is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th, Time TBD
Use this conversion tool to help you figure out what time that is for you.

December 14th 2013 will be the sixth Saturday Community Video release date. THIS IS NOT THE DAY IT WILL BE RECORDED! If you are interested in being a part of the video, keep reading below for dates.

Requirements for Participation

If you would like to be a part of this event, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must have a microphone to talk to us with.
  • You must have an internet connection good enough to play with people on other continents (within reason). If you start lagging out, we will contact the next person in line for the event.
  • You must have an open schedule on the day of the recording so that we aren't sitting around waiting for you. If you don't show up on time, we'll pick the next person down on the list and hesitate in letting you participate again in the future (barring legitimate excuses, health issues, etc).
  • You must have Teamspeak installed. We will handle the in-game chatting with Teamspeak - if you are unfamiliar with this program, Google it and learn how to use it. Get your microphone configured for it in advance, please.

How to Register for the Event

If you would like to be a part of this event, please reply to this topic saying so. On the day of the event, the UGX Team Member who is hosting your branch of the event will try to contact you via forum PM and provide instructions for connecting to our Teamspeak server.

MySlagovich will be hosting this event. If we have more than 3 people sign up, it will act like a waiting list - if one of the people flakes out or is not eligible, we will pick the next person in line on the waiting list. If you have already been in a community video, you will automatically be put behind anyone who has not.

The recording date for this event is FRIDAY, December 13th, Time TBD

Use this conversion tool to help you figure out what time that is for you.

What if I can't make that time?

If enough people need a different time, a second lobby will be hosted for that time. Reply with info on what times work for you, and make sure to use UTC.

Can I Record Myself Playing in the Event?

Yes, you are free to record the event and post it however you want on your personal YouTube channel. Please link to our website in the description and make an effort to describe how you were able to get into the game with us (mention that it is a bi-weekly event, etc).

You are also allowed to ask us whatever questions you want during the video- interviews, personal, whatever. However, don't ask stupid questions like "When is UGX Mod coming out" or "Can you put in dual-wielded wave/zap guns into v1.1", etc. We will answer those types of questions the same way we do on the forum and in YouTube comments. And don't ask inappropriate personal questions either - i.e., don't be a douche.

Will you guys ever do livestreams of these events?

We will most likely do some livesteam events, but not until we start advertising it and making people aware of it.
10 years ago
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