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Messages - MrSlagovich

The Ed, Edd, N Eddy intro mainly because Trem blasts it on CS GO and people start singing and people start screaming we play it so loud you can't hear a thing.

 ! No longer available
9 years ago
Quit and claim JSA, then get really fat and claim 'disability' benefits, they'll sort you out with a sweet house and paycheck every month. Get a kid and rake in even more. Why bother working at all? :P
Hmmmm.... you know Stevie you might be onto something there ;)
9 years ago
lol indeed it is

Actually your right, his name is Jay, got mixed up with him and another Hurley I know lol

Yeah man, ill drop him a email before i leave today
Thanks man that's really cool of you :) I appreciate it!
9 years ago
9 years ago
MH is "Michael Hurley", The other singer ( will just say other for "political correctness" lol )

And Ben works here with me, although he works during he day and I work at night, so only see him as i leave in the morning usually. Used to be on my team when his band was first starting

My company wouldnt give him the time off for his music stuff so he had to leave. But hes back now, not too sure why lol

Ill see if i can get a autograph from him or something :)
Man that would be awesome if you do, tell him i'm a huge fan and own everything they've made so far on all formats haha. Ah I know "Michael Hurley" as Jay Hurley that's why i was confused :) small world huh?
9 years ago
lol, is that really your favourite band?

take a wild guess who I work with, right now?

Give you a clue, "his" initials are "B" and "M"  ::)

Also"M" "H" lives in my town ( my hometown about 5 minutes from my house )
Big Ben Marvin? awesome yeah i'd have to say they are my favorite along with Enter Shikari the amount of Enter Shikari vinyl i own is crazy and the amount i've spent is also crazy. Not to sure who "M" "H" is i rattled my brain for a couple of minutes thinking but it escapes me :)

This is nearly all my Enter Shikari stuff i have bought alot more since this picture but this is a good scale of how much i like this band.  Hacktivist are awesome i'm hoping to nab a test pressing of the new album been waiting on the album for like 2 years now :)

9 years ago
Great tutorial! hope to see a lot of people using the feature when it's needed +1
9 years ago
Trem giving out Map Reviewer status like "You can have reviewer status and you can have reviewer status"
9 years ago
And Daleks vids didnt spoil them at all? :D
Only if you watch him...
9 years ago
While Djent is technically a style peoples use of the words seems to of spawned a genre and my favorite bands that play Djent is HACKTIVIST, can't really decide on the best song so here's a swell one.

! No longer available

Currently own their whole discography after hunting down the original version of the EP for 2 years.
9 years ago
Nice one!  8)
9 years ago
Me and Swagovich will be coming by to collect lefty if they do release the mod tools. I hope now more than ever that they do!
Yeah can never have to many spare leftys.

On a serious note I can see it happening post DLC season or if they found a way to monetize it. The difference between IW promising Mod tools and Treyarch promising it is, Treyarch have a dedicated PC Team. With the rise of user generated content over the years I could see Treyarch finally releasing mod tools. I'm hopeful it will happen but I'm not gonna get hyped or excited about the prospect until something is said about it publicly.
9 years ago
We have one messed up community i tell ya
9 years ago
Awesome stuff guys. Has Tom's brand of humor stamped all over it. Would love to see you do a "May we Survive" with Bryan over here in Scotland. Would consist of you guys walking down a rundown main street getting asked by a group of teeny bopper bams to "get ma cargo or yer gettin chibbed ya prick" or "Gees a fag ya walloper or all tan ye", before trying to survive through the night on doner kebabs and mixed pakora.

Episode Two right there!
I'd be game tbh take him down Buchanan street and see who last longer, they'll hear his accent and within 5 seconds his ass hole will be bleeding and his wallet, his watch will be in Cash Generators.

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2015, 03:29:36 pm
I imagine if Tom, Andy and I actually met that the content of this Podcast would be lived out
9 years ago
The term money whore is funny, isn't the goal in business to make as much money as you can? it's not like they make these games and content for fun. MONEY TALKS. When you use the term money whore it just makes me think you have no grasp on how the real world actually works. So please stop acting like a 5 year old and throwing around a pointless term.
9 years ago
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