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Messages - MrSlagovich

Nice I always thought u were in glasgow

anyway alternate plan:
we donate to trem to get him to Scotland so I can be the camera man for the inevitable porno
Nah originally from Dunfermline, I've only stepped foot in Glasgow 3 times it's a hefty place. We're gonna record a podcast in front of the Golden Gate bridge and I'm gonna record the whole thing and make like a montage/highlight reel.

Also if a porno is how we're gonna get donations then I will role play a dirty scotsman in kilt trying to fill Andy's California ass.
8 years ago
Bryan, can u stop be Aberdeen on your way? kthxbye
I'm not actually that far away from Aberdeen these days, I moved to Dundee for Uni so I'm pretty close.
8 years ago
Awesome to read you're going to work on this bad boy again! I think I'm gonna start a project like this. Was thinking of making a custom case for a Raspberry PI with a small screen on it or make a custom case for my modded PSP.
8 years ago
The usermenu and chat v2 have been put on the back burner for now. Delta was the only one working on these and since start these he started the UGX Launcher which is a lot more important to us so we're focused on that for now.
8 years ago
Yeah I'd really like to see that, I really enjoyed the map when you guys first dropped it so to see it redone/updated would be pretty cool :)
8 years ago
Yeah I can't really see how anyone can cry over this remake and be mad. The mapping is great, From what I've seen of the mod, the mod looks good and they're actually adding new ideas and hey guess what they don't actually blow. Most remakes are poorly made boxy looking versions of the maps. This map not only recreates the Treyarch map but adds loads of new areas which is awesome. Treyarch planned more areas and then was like here's the map oh and B T DUBS we didn't put the extra areas in. I for one mostly hate remakes usually because the creators never add their own spins on them. The usually recreate the map badly and add a bunch of broken weapons and go there yah go it's kinda? a? remake? kinda... These guys are clearly putting in the work and making the map everything the want it to be. I for one am happy they've decided to add new areas and add their own spin. If i wanted to play Nuketown zombies the way it was originally made i'd play BO2.
8 years ago
Nice one Pwn  8)
8 years ago
am i the only one that read it as triggers?  ::)
I read it as something a little more bad
8 years ago
I thought the title of this post said something else for a second...  ;D
8 years ago
Love the train yard area of this map looks so good! can't wait to play this bad boy.  :)
8 years ago
Not to derail perfectly sane thread, but are we just going to sit back and pretend that Bryan isn't getting a blowjob from some chick...or dude (not judging here).

(Image removed from quote.)
Yeah that was my boyfriend Jonny he's super good at giving head
8 years ago
Yeah the phone lines have closed and the votes have been verified, you're winner of the UGX-Factor is..... (drum roll) NG!!
8 years ago
Yo trem while you're at it hook me up eh?
8 years ago
Have a couple pints before your first lesson.
8 years ago
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