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Messages - MrSlagovich

Good to see you back dude!
8 years ago
Oh I had seen this yes. And wait for the 100s of The Giant version we'll see soon :o
The Giant Remakes will be the new Sniper Bolt tutorial maps / box maps. I can see it now "The Giant Remake featuring World at War Weapons"
8 years ago
Was joking of course but personally its unlikely I'll be making old maps, I find it much more interesting to create new stuff. Using popular map general layout however...  ::)
I was being sarcastic i agree with you man, there's like 6 nuketown remakes it's like beating a dead horse
8 years ago
no remakes, all new stuff please :)
But Zeroy we need one more Nuketown remake  ;) /s
8 years ago
I assume just Trem, and Delta since they were the main ones working on the UGX mod

Edit, just realized I posted this in here, instead of the main bo3 mod tools topic. Oh well, too late now :P
Just to clarify Delta has never worked on UGX Mod. He has the tools though.
8 years ago
Just to clarify Delta got the tools on our team not everyone, when i tweeted we i meant someone on the team not everyone... my bad.
8 years ago
Wow thanks guys for an utter massive kick in the crotch with this, why the hate on me, sure i dont do massive amounts of mapping but if you follow me closely you will know ive made more than just the BANANA COLADA perk machine model... but hey im not gonna start a slagging match, didnt expect this from this forum at all

Utterly disgusted
I get you guys are mad / upset but there's no need to sit and bash people who got it because other people didn't, I mean it's not the people who were chosen's fault. If you have a problem blame the people making the decision and don't sit here and bash people who who were picked. It makes everyone look like small children and makes the community look bad. Madgaz has done nothing wrong and there's no need to bitch about him.
8 years ago
This topic got depressing real quick, cheer up you bunch of emos
8 years ago
Shit memes
8 years ago
I'm just gonna leave it at funny and hypocritical. Don't wanna derail the Clinic of Evil topic this guy isn't at fault i'm glad he did it.
8 years ago
This was a paid beta lmao.
Funny that eh? you do it everyone cries, someone else does it not a single person says a thing. Funny that...
8 years ago
Just a small detail wasn't the screens at the side of the stage added in 05? wasn't 02-04 the jaggy shape at the side of the stage. Like this.
8 years ago
I'm not afraid. I'm a sexy beast. Take it all in boys.
(Image removed from quote.)
Tom you will be hearing from my lawyer for Identity theft, i know you wanna be a sexy mother fucker but it can't be through using my beautiful face.

Also here is my beautiful self
8 years ago
SE2Dev is one hell of a guy. I remember seeing his video of a custom map running but this is next level. Take my hat off to the bloke.
8 years ago
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