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Messages - MrSlagovich

Can't wait for this map it's gonna be one of the best this year glad your taking your time the longer it takes the better it will be loved 444 but this is a whole new level of awesome keep it up man  :pffft:
11 years ago
Hey there SpiderBite I shall tell Treminaor when he gets online. And I'm more than sure he'd be happy to try and come up with a solution to the problem. Cheers for pointing this out.
11 years ago
Spider bite i can't tell you how glad i am that you found the ball bags thing for what it was a simple joke it half an hour of work and endless hours of laughs not this big conspiracy that other members of this community think (ESSO) and we are thankful for all the support you have given so thank you
11 years ago
so you think hes trying to troll me and take the credit for map and video or just video
Face palm ok what i said was he was trying to say i would test your map for you as i think i am pretty good at finding bugs
11 years ago
I Think what he meant was test the map for you as i am rather good at finding bugs i don't edit i just play games and record em'  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll: :nyan:  :nyan:  :nyan:  :nyan:  :nyan:  :troll:  :troll: :troll:  :troll:  :troll:  :troll:
11 years ago
1) Masterbate
2) Sleep
3) Masterbate
4) Wake up
5) wait what zombie apocalypse aww no im going to di......
12 years ago
Awesome playing this anymore testing needing done?  :)
12 years ago
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