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Messages - AlecKeaneDUB

Why aren't you using HarryBo21's perks?
8 years ago
If you have any zombie risers or dog spawners in your map, you must add atleast one more of each. It's telling you that you only have one riser placed in your zone, but if you need to, you can open _zombiemode_zone_manager.gsc and comment out the message at the bottom of the file
8 years ago
It's a pretty cool concept, but seriously man, put even just a littllleee more effort into the map itself than just making a boring box. Like I said, cool idea, but do some more work on the mapping side of things :)
8 years ago
I was wondering if anyone could give me proper worldspawn settings for a nighttime map, as mine is very dark and looks pretty crappy. Also any input about any custom vision files I could use to give the map nice ambiance and effect? Thanks guys!
8 years ago
No it starts to load then it'll either crash the game or it'll just freeze the screen.
type developer 1 in console and see if it says more about the error
8 years ago
Nice man, I will have to update my weapons to have vox!
Thanks! Glad you can use it!
8 years ago
Do you get this error when you go to start the map?
8 years ago
Hey wonderful people of UGX! Just thought this quick little tip/tutorial might be appealing to some who are looking to really perfect their map or have some accurate player dialogue. Nothing huge, but let's get started.

Basically what this does is allow you to change a player's voiceovers when getting a specific weapon from one set of quotes to another. You can use this to have a character accurately react to what type/grade of weapon that they get from the mystery box, or maybe off the wall. *example video at bottom of post*

For example:
If a player gambles at the box and they happen to get a Colt .45, the player would most likely react with a quote about what a PoS the gun is. But if they perhaps got a the PPSH or maybe the FG42, they'd probably have something to say about getting ready make it rain brains up in this bitch.

Now keep in mind, all stock WaW weapons already have their correct quotes (although you could still change them if you wanted to), so this will usually apply to custom/ported weapons.
Take a look at this image of zombiemode_weapons.gsc:

The boxed in column shows the name of the vox that it will play. Most people, when adding custom weapons, may just copy the whole line for the Colt, paste it however many times they need, and just change the weapon file name to each custom weapon in their map. Most of the time they don't even bother with "vox_crappy" and just leave it as is (with the exception of experienced members, of course).

- There are 7 stock WaW sets of quotes which include and can be used as:
Code Snippet
"vox_crappy" //used for pistols or low grade weapons a player probably wouldn't want
"vox_shotgun" //used for shotguns
"vox_ppsh" //used for high-damage weapons
"vox_357" //used for high-damage pistols
"vox_mp40" //used for submachine guns
"vox_mg" //used for LMGs
"vox_panzer" //used for launchers/explosive weapons
Now obviously you can use whichever one you would like for whatever weapon, those are just as used in WaW and suggested.
- All you must do is edit the "vox_" to your liking, save your script and rebuild your mod.

That's all there is to it! Hopefully someone may find this helpful even though it's a very minor thing ;)

8 years ago
I know this is probably obvious and a very stupid question, but how do I go about executing a custom cfg file when the map starts? Is there a specific place I should put the file?
8 years ago
Okay, I just updated to the newest version oh Nate's BO2 weapons and am still getting the clip error. Any ideas guys??  :poker:
Do what KrazzyBoy said and add a semicolon at the end of line 548, then make sure you rebuild the mod with the .gsc file checked in launcher
8 years ago
Water clip isn't actually a water material - its a clip meaning its a physical entity that the player interacts with (similar to the normal clip texture that is invisible and the player collides with). You need to create a brush with an actual water texture, they are the blue grid looking textures - they don't look like water in radiant but when you compile they will.
Clip textures are invisible ingame but have different properties (goes ontop of actual texture) depends on intended use. Like for some examples blocking bullets, or players, or zombies, or sound like metal, splash like water & many more. Hope you discover more & happy mapping
Thanks guys!  :D You're both helpful and I appreciate it!
8 years ago
I'm using the clip water and it works (splashes and ripples when shot) but it's completely invisible. How can I give it a color? Such as a grayish color or something - kind of like what the water looks like in Necro Forest by Megadeth  :-\
8 years ago
that harry breaking maps again eh

the perks only use like 30 fx man, cut some guns or properly remove the excess in the csvs rather than using ignore files. To get these in a stock map - like you see in the video - i only removed the useless fx from mapname.csv and cut the flame thrower

and, now im certain ive said this over a thousand times now - T4M DOES work on the disc version you just need to use the lanfix exe to start the game instead of the default one
Alright, well which csvs are okay to remove things from? and is there a link for the lanfix exe? Or how do I get that?
8 years ago
Have you edited any .csv's to make assetroom? Check if the _on models are loaded in a .csv and are precached in the _perks.gsc. Do the same for the perk bottles + their weapon files
Thanks, you fixed my 2nd issue but where might I look to make sure the _on models are loaded? Or which .csv would they be in? Sorry if that's a stupid question  :P
8 years ago
I've installed them EXACTLY how is shown and have done all the steps correctly, but all they do is cause the 400 fx limit error  :-\ I can't use T4M to try to fix this because I have the disk version of the game and I've even tried uncommenting EVERY single fx in the my_ignore file and the error still persists.  :( Due to this, two of my maps have been broken and cannot be developed any further  :'( :-\ Anyone know what I can do??
8 years ago
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