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Messages - AlecKeaneDUB

I know that you're a much more experienced mapper than I am....but maybe try using less pathnodes? Idk if that would have anything to with it, but I'm just trying to help out a bit  :)
8 years ago
Also, did you mean that you were literally stuck? As in you can't walk around? If that's the case, make sure your player spawn isn't inside the ground. Make sure it's not even touching the ground...but a considerable amount of space above it.
8 years ago
Did you correctly KVP the zombie spawners? If even at all? And in the case of the red room, make sure you put a reflection probe in the room that is red. Hope this helped a bit!  :D
8 years ago
I have a few questions that I know are some of the simplest things there is to mapping, but sorry I literally just got all of the mod tools last nigjt and just started.

1. How do I open the window to enter KVPs?

2. Is there a way I can cut a window for zombies to enter through out of a wall without making a bunch of seperate brushes and putting them together to make the window?

3. Where would I find a model for a wall light? I couldn't find one in the models or prefabs.

4. How would I go about making debris and doors?

5. When I want to test out my map, what all do I need to check and enable in Launcher for the map to load properly?

Thanks and hopefully my lack of common knowledge about this stuff doesn't irritate you all to much :D
8 years ago
the god mode glitch will forever be missed :( XD


Post Merge: May 29, 2014, 04:41:54 pm
I found something, not sure if it was supposed to, but I was playing solo and bought quick revive, then I killed a zombie and went down and that zombie dropped a pack a punch power up, then some other zombies walking down the stairs pushed me into the power up while I was still down in quick revive and when I was revived again I had the pack a punched ray gun from when I was down including my other 2 weapons, so it pretty much gave me free mule kick and a free upgraded ray gun xD
  yeah that power up PAPs whatever gun you are holding so I supposed it since you were holding the ray gun at the time, it just PAP'd it and permanently gave it to you lol. Same thing happened to me but I dont think ZK intended on having that happen  ;)
9 years ago
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