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I wish I could try it before paying alot of money.  For PC, it will be only through Steam, and Im reluctent to pay for a game without trying a demo from Steam with how they stole a good bit of money from me in the past.  And I dont want to pay $1000+ for a console, game, and online services.  I just know BO4 will be online only too.
722 days ago
How did you make the mod when Steam deleted Black Ops 1 modtools for some reason?
723 days ago
Since when is this COD WAW or Black Ops 1?
723 days ago
Too bad there is no way of trying it without resorting to ThePirateBay or similar sites.
723 days ago
And just how is this Call Of Duty World At War or Black Ops 1?
723 days ago
It supplys all you need.  Each gun is in a seperate rar file, just drag the contents into the game's root and then run converter and convert all.  Then place the files in your mod and call files needed in mod.ff.

Here is the link.

The site's thread should give you additional instructions.
731 days ago
If you like black ops 1-3 and ghosts weapons.  I have a really site I got mine from.  Dont bother aking for anything here, because you will more than likely not get it.
731 days ago
Well, I forgot to mention how copies are usually worse than original.  Like look at PUBG and Fortnite.  PUBG is an original, and Fortnite is a copy of PUBG, and Fortnite is absolutely horrible.
731 days ago
Should be there
I was actually hoping for the raw files from Black Ops mod tools from steam?  Could you send me the map file for mp_discovery?  I know the map file existed.
731 days ago
The official game when it comes out, maybe.  As long as it isn't just passed call of duties copied.  But wait, Black ops 4 is a complete copy of the Chinese Call Of Duty Online.
733 days ago
One last thing.  For some reason the game wont let me use the L96a1 or the regular Ithaca.  If I select l96a1, it switches it to the Wa2000 w/ Acog and Siberia camo and I have no idea how to fix it.
733 days ago
Whats funny is how there is Black Ops 4 "beta" gameplay on youtube, but yet, it is not even on ThePirateBay yet.  I swear I don't download from it anyway.
733 days ago
You could get mod tools from steam.  It has all the raw files you'd need.  But wait a moment, the assholes at steam deleted the download link.  I start to hate Steam more and More.  Soon they are gonna make you pay for everything at all and give nothing to even use when you pay.  Steam shall fall like the scum it is.
733 days ago
I was finally able to bring my pc online, so I tried getting the Black Ops mod tools from Steam... But guess what!  The assholes at Steam deleted to files.  I really wanted them.  But like Steam, They screwed me over like everyone else.
733 days ago
Oh, thanks.
736 days ago


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