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One last thing.  For some reason the game wont let me use the L96a1 or the regular Ithaca.  If I select l96a1, it switches it to the Wa2000 w/ Acog and Siberia camo and I have no idea how to fix it.
904 days ago
Whats funny is how there is Black Ops 4 "beta" gameplay on youtube, but yet, it is not even on ThePirateBay yet.  I swear I don't download from it anyway.
904 days ago
I was finally able to bring my pc online, so I tried getting the Black Ops mod tools from Steam... But guess what!  The assholes at Steam deleted to files.  I really wanted them.  But like Steam, They screwed me over like everyone else.
904 days ago
I just decided to use Autodesk, 2018 to make my own weapon in general.  But I cannot get the workspace to open in MAYA.  Any idea how to fix it?  I followed the 2 tutorials I found for setting up the workspace.  Plz help.
957 days ago
I am almost finished with my first map and now the terrain patches aren't solids anymore.  I even selected them all and did right click>make structural, but it doesnt work.  I know I havent changed anything at all in relation to the terrain patches.  This is the last thing I need help with.
959 days ago
What is the Gray pentagon tile texture that you would use in a teleporter room?  I somehow cannot find it at all in radiant.
978 days ago
How do I make a custom weapon mesh and rig it?  For some reason... the fool that wrote the custom weapon part of Confluence jumped into the tutorial right in the middle and never even thought about starting from the beginning.  I also can find anything on it.

Double Post Merge: May 08, 2018, 07:54:38 pm
Jumped right into setting up the VMGun.  How can you do that without first telling how to even get to that part by making the meshes.
994 days ago
Just a small error.  When I try to test my map after compile and building, I get an error of the likes of, "Unknown anim tree 'zombie_cymbal_monkey'.  How can I fix it? 

P.S.   Why can't the game just skip over that one anim tree like it can so many other errors that seem more important?
1001 days ago
How do I go about making a weapon upgrade system where you can level up your gun line on Advanced Warfare zombies?  Do I just do the same process as making an upgraded version but do it 25 times and just add an extra  _upgraded for each level, 1-25?
1035 days ago
This is my last question.
I am getting a stupid error every time I try to start my map.  I have no teleporter related entities in my map, or anywhere on my computer even.  I even deleted every instance of dlc3_teleporter.gsc from my pc, but for some reason, it still gives the same error.
Error: Unknown function: (file 'maps/dlc3_teleporter.gsc', line 76)
If( modderHelp( door, "Missing Pack A Punch door with Targetname KVP 'pack_door'  ." ) )

Double Post Merge: March 21, 2018, 12:56:14 pm
Well, I fixed it.  I just had to go to dlc3_code and find teleporter_init() and deleted the line.  Funny hiw 'Developer 1' didn't even have to show me where the error was being called from.
1042 days ago
My zones wont properly.  I want the zombies to spawn in zones 1 and 3 when I'm in zone 2, and if I'm in zone 2 and 3 hasnt been entered, I only want zombies to spawn from zone 1 and 2.  But when I do the zones and doors properly, the zombies only spawn in the 1 zone I'm in.  Any ideas why?

PS.  I would also like to know the line to have doors make a sound when you open them like on Der Riese.  I tried looking them up, but to no prevail, I get nothing on that matter.
1043 days ago
Anyone know of a proper .ff file extractor?  I'm trying to get the .map file for Der Riese, but the Toms FF file extractor wont extract the .map file.
And I wanted to know if I could extract the weapon files from a ugx mod so I can have the original ugx weapons like the r700.  Any help would be appreciated.
1045 days ago
I have been adding a bunch of custom weapons to my map, so I try to test them all, but when I upgrade 1 weapon, the other is taken away?  What can I do to fix this error?  I know I typedthe lines correctly to add weapons, in zombiemode_weapons.gsc and dlc3_code.gsc.
And thank you for your considerate answers.

Double Post Merge: March 10, 2018, 05:51:06 am
I would also like to know how I can use timed gameplay in my map.  There was one way, I forgot who made the scripts, but you needed dog spawners and you can't drag and drop and use his files with HarryBO21 perks, because his scripts overuse HarryBO21's perks script.  So, Is there anyway to have endless spawning zombies?
1054 days ago
I need/want some different guns for my custom waw map.  I dont have the money to buy maya, I not a student so cant get that version, also, im not going to download a pirated version.  But most of all, I dont have the time to do so and there are no tools anywhere to actually extract all the weapon files from Black Ops.

So, anyone have a pack of weapons I can add to my waw map?  A pack with all the correct sounds and scope lens images?  I will even pay anyone to give me a weapon pack.
1072 days ago


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