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Buildable Power
Buildable Rocket Shield
Buyable Ending
Musical Easter Egg (find all the secrets)
WARDOGSK93's Perks

If your having trouble finding all the secrets then follow this link for clues as to where they are:

UGX Mods
Doom Textures - KuriKai, Chilvence, Freelanzer, Reinchard, DaniJ, Envid, Tea Monster
id Software for making Doom

Known Bugs:
Sometimes the rocket shield will stop working in certain parts on the map.
Instead of having lifts like in doom the map has some steep stairs. If a large group of zombies goes down the stairs at once they can end up on top of each other, and will stand still for a few seconds, after a few seconds the zombies will continue running normally.
1263 days ago
I have an area in my map that hurts the player if they enter it. I would like it to play a looping sound when the player enters the trigger_hurt that then stops when the player leaves the trigger hurt. I'd also like to have it so that only the player in the trigger_hurt hears the sound.
I attempted to script this myself but the sound didn't loop and it only played the first time I touched the trigger.
Any help would be appreciated.
1291 days ago
[EDIT] Never mind, sorted it
1293 days ago
Thanks. The 3D view works now but the 2D view looks like this.
1301 days ago
This is what radiant looks like when i open any map

Does anyone know what I did to make it do this?
1302 days ago


HD Doom Textures
Automatic Doors
Buyable Ending
Musical Easter Egg (Find all the secrets)
Some original doom sounds

Automatic doors - MakeCents
Fixed Missing Sounds - Graffiti, Uptownpapi, HitmanVere, Ardivee and tbone
Buyable Ending - UGX Mods

Musical Easter Egg - JBird632
Normal Map Generator - Christian Petry
Tutorial - IceGrenade, CraftDAnimations

HD Doom Textures - Kurikai, Chilvence, Freelanzrt, Reinchard, DaniJ, Envid, Tea Monster

id Software for making DOOM
1304 days ago
It worked. Thanks for the help, i appreciate it.
1306 days ago
It sounds like you set up your alias as a 2d sound. If so, make it a 3d sound and adjust the distance, all in the alias file.
Thanks it's working now. I was also wondering if you could have a different sound play when the door closes than when it opens?
1307 days ago
Hey the doors work great.
I changes the script_sound to my alias and the sound plays when the door opens.  But if i'm on the other side of the map and a zombie walks through the door the sound still plays. So how do i make it so the sound can only be heard when near the door.
1307 days ago

Hi, so i get this weird lighting in this corridor in my map, I also get it in other places in my map but not as bad as this. If i add a window in the ceiling to let more light in I don't get this problem anymore, but does anyone know how to fix this without needing to add a window or any other source of light.

Thanks for the help
1322 days ago
I installed this when i had this problem and it fixed it for me
1581 days ago
Here's a tutorial for re-skinning zombies and players, i would assume the files for dogs are in the same place.
1598 days ago
Installing this worked for me when i had this error

1636 days ago
I used this tutorial to get custom round sounds to work
1653 days ago
Have you tried downloading this

it seems to have fixed this error for me
1659 days ago


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