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"If they would make a movie about UGX, it would certainly win the oscar for best drama." :please:
1362 days ago
The devs are toying with a seasonal revive mechanic. Kinda like a battle royal type thing, after the season ends the remaining players that are still alive get some kind of reward and all dead players respawn again.

If the game get's a monthly reset it could be a huge hit. Seasonal seems to much imo, because i'm sure most of the people die within the first day/week and after that clans will exterminate eachother and the fun part will go more and more downhill i think.
No reset, so just 1 life game over seems a bad idea and just a scam in my eyes, even with rebuying considering the price. Would even call it something like gambling where you can get stuck in and destroy people for real over time.
1440 days ago
Welcome to the community enjoy your stay :troll:
1454 days ago
I always play in windowed mode so there is no problem for me.
I think it won't be an issue either BUT you need to say that elsewhere or at the OP in huge coloured letters or else a lot of people will ask how to play it without error.

There are still people who ask how to play dome :troll:
1506 days ago
Godmanvere on fire as always :accepted: !!!
1512 days ago
It's just driving :D , i assume that you know all the rules, practiced more than enough and went through some special points that mostly will be in your driving exam, and you can't do more than that, so no stress :) .

Best of luck!
1514 days ago
Movies with great plot twists and that blow my mind like shutter island, the prestige, inside man ...
I'm always open for suggestions :D
1531 days ago
lol, slide man, if you bump into stuff it sorta alligns you slightly so you can stand and run straight away

4000 post m8 , congrats, you are officially "on fire" 8)

Hang that qoute on your wall :D
1532 days ago
Not bad indeed  8) , what's the current number 1 already?
1532 days ago
"I release mod tools just to see this map being remade on the Black Ops 3 engine. It is that good." - Vonderhaar D.
1533 days ago
That's a lot of progress in a month, i'll keep my eye on this one ;)
1533 days ago
Unchangeable, but you can make your map a "bubblegum & slime deluxe edition" :troll:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1534 days ago
Fallout 4 , no doubt, worth every single penny :)
1535 days ago


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