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Messages - SoulTaker

Jesus Christ how big is this map? :rainbow:
7 years ago
We don't have a tool for editing Black Ops 3 Lua - and we might not even get one.
So the only thing you can do is try to script it in using GSC
Out of curiosity is there a reason why they don't want to give us that?
7 years ago
Quess i'll just go and kill myself then, been nice knowing you guys...  :'( :'(

Spoiler: click to open...
Congrats guys!
I am beyond shocked that you haven't gotten the tools yet. You and Weezy should have gotten them by now.
8 years ago
Ehhh... if we're gonna be technical about it, cryptids are from Earth  :please:
I mean, it would be nice to see like different planets of cryptids (A Mars colony of cryptids would be awesome :D), but everyone decided to flip off Extinction, Survival, Chaos Mode, and Exo Zombies and are now bitching that IW was forced to stick to the same zombies all over again instead of being original. God, I love hypocrites.
Fair enough but with the ending that happened at the end of DLC 4 (won't spoil anything) it would have been cool to see what events happen after that. I'm guessing since Ghosts had a bad reputation they want to erase everything that happened including Extinction. Also, 100% agreed mostly everyone flipped and called Extinction stupid. At first, the game mode was whatever but it got better with each DLC when they included the teeth upgrade system (surprised Activision didn't try making money off it) it gave people more of a reason to play the maps. I actually have most of the upgrades when it comes to Extinction.
8 years ago
It looks fun not gonna lie. I like the theme and all but I still would have preferred if they spent the last three years of development on improving on their Extinction game mode. I loved the nonstop chaos bullshit that the game mode gave when playing with 3 to 4 people. The game takes place in space so it would've been even better.
8 years ago
Another screenshot from my map made with mod tools... this room in total probably took me about 10 hours to make

hope you guys enjoy these little updates
(Image removed from quote.)
Looks nice hard to believe you have no experience with Radiant or level designing at all. 8)
8 years ago
Making some progress with these mods, hope you guys dont mind me showing my work... i literally just started mapping on wednesday having never used radiant before... give me a rating
Wow dude that actually looks pretty nice for someone who hasn't mapped before! :)
8 years ago
"3arc sucks because the just reuse guns, anims, and features" ............... "I would like to see _______ again!" ::)
Eh I'm not one of those people I like remakes as long as their done right. I didn't mind that der eisendrache had so many origins features I actually loved it.
8 years ago
I assume just Trem, and Delta since they were the main ones working on the UGX mod

Edit, just realized I posted this in here, instead of the main bo3 mod tools topic. Oh well, too late now :P
Lol I kind of realized that and wanted to tell you.  :D
8 years ago
Ya, when the tools first went into alpha, it was purely MP, no zombie assets were available, but now that the alpha testers can start making zombie maps, they are going to start inviting zombie people.
Hope to see Chroma, Cents, and Stevie get invited. :)
8 years ago
Looks like the UGX team just got invites as well according to their Twitter. Not sure if the whole team got invites or some from the team but congrats glad to see people who deserve a chance finally get one. :) I guess the reason it took so long for them to get invited was because they were testing MP first?
8 years ago
Looks like the UGX team has gotten the mod tools now (Image removed from quote.)
When you say UGX team do you mean all of the UGX Team? Trem, Delta, Lukkie, Hitman, MrSlagovich and JBird?!
8 years ago
That map was shittier than a toilet full of shit. Why would you even want a remake of it?  :D
Your map was one of the first ever maps I played custom wise back on my shitty laptop but I loved it man. Nostalgia and the fact that the map design was incredible. :)

Double Post Merge: August 02, 2016, 11:38:43 pm
That is great news... glad to see I'm not the only one hoping for it!
I'm hoping for it as well the only problem really is that wasn't the same thing rumored for BO2? :(
8 years ago
I'm gone for 2 hours and this happens...
Where's my alpha invite  :'(
Honestly out of everyone on here I think you're in the top 3 who deserves an invite. You, Hitman, and Pieman are my top 3 to hopefully get an invite next. :)
8 years ago
Would you want to see any classic custom maps redone in the Black Ops 3 mod tools if no then why? If yes which would be your top 5 maps?
My top 5 maps would be these.
5: Lockdown by JBird632
4: Comosea by UGX
3: Overrun by JBird632
2: Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital by Chromastone10
1: Nacht Der Toten Walder by Weezy428

2 Honorable mentions:
Farm Swamp by  c.h.n
ORBIT by MakeCents & Tudark
8 years ago
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