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Sorry to bump such an old thread. You can find the file here:

.\Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps\%yourmapname%\zone

Replace %yourmapname% with the name of your map. Took me a while to find it so I thought I would post.
1260 days ago
Looks pretty cool, nice to see some effort put into a one window challenge.

@@@@[email protected]@@@

I hate to further continue the discussion, but really is that big of a deal - I mean if buttons for your youtube profile are on the left (in the posters info picture etc) as opposed to in the post.

He didn't really post them in a soliciting manner, he simply posted a link to his channel at the very bottom of the post, in tiny ass writing. He didn't make the thread to shamelessly plug. It's just a case of being picky ^^


sorry sorry!
1273 days ago
Hey guys,

I fixed it :) Not only did I move my map and all the scripts into a "New" map. But I also found that the brush the zombies were spawning on were causing the issue.

Previously I had changed texture of the brush they were spawning on and recreated the solid in which they spawned on, but no luck. After porting everything into a new map and changing the solid they spawn on, it appears to be all working. Hopefully this helps anyone else having similar issue. I should note it was one of the grass textures, not sure if that matters or not.
1282 days ago
Is this still happening? It's looking very cool, I'd hate to see it die. If you're done with it, perhaps you'd upload your map files for other (Me) :D to play with/steal (with credit given of course).

1283 days ago
Bumpity bump. Can I supply anything else that might be able to assist with people helping me?

I can upload my map file if that'd help?
1284 days ago
Maybe try verifying your steam data for the mod tools?
1405 days ago
Looks awesome actually. Can't wait to try it tonight and thanks for sharing your resources, that's super cool of you.
1409 days ago
Hey bud, sucks about your map. I think it makes auto backups of your map file regularly. Check out:

D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\radiant\autosave_backup

This might be different, for example the drive and the path to steam. Most likely: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\common\...

Hopefully this helps :)
1410 days ago
Errr, long shot. Is your map built in the sky? or have you elevated it above the initial map generation with the 5 perks or w/e? I've actually ran into a bit of a similar road block on one of my maps, all the zombies are spawning, but they walk in the same spot. The only thing I could think that I had done differently, is that the map was elevated above the initial ground that was made.

Check you have that umbra thing, that is near the skybox and if you haven't already try adding a nav_volume to your entire map.

That's about all I can suggest, I'm just a noob myself and all the information I've provided you might hinder you! Probably should have put the disclaimer earlier lol. Sorry!
1410 days ago
Port everything from Tranzit :D or Moon!
1413 days ago
Hey buds, I'm back again for more help. Everything has been going swimmingly, I've made a couple test maps with very bad detailing etc, to learn the ropes and fixed most of my issues a long the way.

This time however, i've followed all my previous ways to do things, put a lot of effort into the map, layout design and game play, but now it's come time to add the zombies in and I'm having issues.

I've taken some screenshots, in game and both in the editor.

This is taken from the window they're meant to run to.

The barrier is named thusly: start_zone_window1
It is copied and pasted from the one that starts in the map.
The zombie spawner is pointing to the correct zone spawner, the kvp "script_string" in the struct is set to start_zone_window1
There is no clipping stopping the zombie from accessing it. The barrier is floor height, so the zombies should be able to reach it.

Here is the in game editor

and another one for the map (lower)

Could it be that my map is raised off of the ground? It's still well within all the boundries, as I dared not to mess with that. Any help would be appreciated.

If it is caused by the map being in the sky, any assistance moving my entire map down would be cool too. none of it is prefabed so each room is part of that same layer.

1415 days ago
Yes, you can delete it and add it from the prefab list. Highlight the object and press "Backspace" on your keyboard. This works for everything I believe.

I'm not sure what you mean by blurred, perhaps it's your shadows?

You simply put the files in your prefabs folder. For example mine is located here:

D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\map_source\_prefabs
Inside of this location, I have a folder called "Kaizokuroof" and I put my prefabs in there.

Yes, it seems you might have forgot to put in dog spawners, they are seperate to zombie spawners. You can find details on how to add/remove dogs here:

Hope this helps.
1415 days ago
Hey guys,

I was playing this split screen with a bud and one of us got Lil Annie/Arnies or w/e, the space squid monkey thangs and at about round 10, when one of us threw it, at the end it sort of explodes. Well, it exploded and our frames dropped to 30 for the entire rest of the map.

I haven't had this on any other map, not sure if I could replicate it, but thought I would at least tell you.

I couldn't find out how to open pack-a-punch either :D lol.

Cool map either way, I've had a couple solo attempts at it.
1416 days ago
1) Right click on the map (camera view) -> Script -> Brushmodel
2) Expand the clip over the object/area you want to be clipped.
3) Give it a clip texture
4) Give it a new KVP: "script_noteworthy" with the value of "clip"
5) in the "Navmesh" heading in the entity window set the static_navmesh to True.

This is the method you would use for something like opening a door, but I've been applying it to my clip objects as well.

This is what I've used for clipping on small objects and while I don't understand why your method doesn't work, because by default I believe that zombies navigate around the regular brush, I guess it could be part of your issue.

I would have tested but most of your script_structs and things aren't highlightable. I did look at one of your zombie_spawners but it looked fine, you had it in the correct zone and pointed it to the correct window, so I don't think it is that.
1416 days ago
Hey, I just opened it up. I've not been mapping long, but all your clips seem to be done different than the way I have done mine (which work).
They're all appearing as "worldspawn" - Did you make these as brushes? or did you just drag as you would wall and give it a clip texture?
You need to make a script_brush and give it the clip kvps

P.S: Looks like a cool map btw, is it your first one?
1416 days ago


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